The thing about covers, though they're inescapable in today's world of widely accessible tech, is that they're very hard to do. There's plenty of important obstacles working against someone who tries to publish a cover — most importantly, you're not the person performing it that people first fell in love with. And people fucking love Adele. Stepping onto her grounds is cause for the immediate handling of torches and pitchforks by the mob. But maybe a sweet little 14-year-old girl can get away with it?

The above clip is of a spry teenage girl named Rodesha and her brother Conkarah, both covering Adele's monster hit "Hello" with an island flip. The two do an insane job of covering it, too — a rendition that will likely make our highest Queen Adele much pleased when it finally makes its way into her life. 

Shit got us really thinking about summer though …