The trio in Keys 'N Krates gave us a pregame playlist before the enigmatic Toronto trio come to Denver for Snowdown 2015.

Rock stars get all the ladies, are we right? Take for instance a recent Keys ‘N Krates show in Florida where a beautiful woman felt the bass-vibe so heavily that she stripped down to her nothingness, snaked herself on stage and jumped on one of the backs of Keys ‘N Krates while performing.

If that isn’t motivation to bust ass in the studio, we don’t know what is.

But that woman is a god-given trail-blazer, so if anyone is planning on doing so at the upcoming SIA Snowdown 2015, don’t — you’ll be a poser and Flo of Keys ‘N Krates says he doesn’t want any of that. No matter, we know how to show up to parties in Denver, so when they get here on January 31 — with Yelawolf — we’ll be prepped and ready to blow them away with what we offer.

Before the enigmatic Toronto trio with multi-genre capabilities touches down here for the turn-up fest, however, they gave us a little back and forth and threw our readers a playlist of some of their favorites to pregame accordingly.

You're back in Denver in a few weeks. What can we expect out of the show, and more importantly, what do you guys plan on getting into while you're here?

Flo:  Weird rap beats, bass, and hopefully a sweaty ass dance party.

Matisse:  We plan to take advantage of your good food and dispensaries!

Do the fans have to get naked and jump on stage now? Is that going to be a thing moving forward?

Flo:  Hope not! It was funny the first time it happened, but after that it kind of just seems like a cheap dad joke, doesn't it? One of those jokes that's great told once, but anything after that becomes like one those annoying water cooler jokes?

The snow sports convention (which is why the parties are blowing up while you're here) is one of the biggest deals we have in CO in the winter. Do any of you snowboard, or would like to?

Tune:  Man we wished we snowboarded or ski'd, just haven't had the time yet!

Your music videos always keep us entertained, any secrets you can let out of the bag about future releases?

Matisse:  We have been non-stop touring and are just getting back into the lab now. Expect some hot fire by the summer.

May we make a suggestion for a coming video? What if everyone takes large handfulls of old keys and throws them at milk crates … in slow motion … and in black and white. It's art; what do you think, are we hired?

Flo:  Hired. What will you charge? Do you take travellers checks?

Any parting words for our dear readers and your loyal, clothed (for now) fans?

Tune:  We love, love Colorado and consider it to be the bass capital of the US, so we can't wait to come and rattle walls at Snowdown!

Show Deets:

What: Snowdown 2015 w/ Yelawolf, Keys ‘N Krates, Two Fresh, Pries, Treyy G, Deejay Topshelf and more to be announced!
When: Saturday, Jan 31 @ 8:00pm
Where: Exdo Events Center (1399 35th St., Denver, CO 80205)
How Much: Early Bird (18+), $25 plus fees | VIP (21+), $75 plus fees
Why: Because it wouldn’t be right to assume you know anything about fun if you’ve never even been to where the fun is the funnest.