Turn it up and discover some of the best Colorado has to offer …

Each October, we spend grueling hours hand picking our favorite musical artists in Colorado that approach the scene differently. And each year, it becomes harder and harder to decide which ones deserve the distinction of being labeled one of the ‘finest’ — this time around being no different. With the influx of new residents in the area, so too has the reach of genre affiliations and creative exploits blown up to unimaginable proportions. Turn it up, and discover some of the best this state has to offer.

Full Tracklist:

1. DJ Cavem – “Wheat Grass”
2. Maddy O’Neal – “No Master Plan”
3. Toy Box – “Gravy Davy”
4. Qbala – “She Said”
5. YaSi – “B4 We”
6. Sur Ellz – “Magic”
7. Bandits – “Kill Tonight”
8. Eros and the Eschaton – “Rxx”
9. Church Fire – “Breast Bones”
10. Toy Box – “Outside”
11. Bandits – “Wheels”
12. Qbala – “Mind’s Eye”
13. DJ Cavem – “Roots, Beans and Greens”
14. Maddy O’Neal – “Just A Glimpse”
15. YaSi – “Circles”