This week on: What the fuck were they thinking?

In the past, people around the world held certain positions of power up on moral pedestals just because. Cops, judges, teachers, priests — usually jobs that maintained some bit of public service went unquestioned; only good and honest people could possibly get involved in those types of careers, right? 

But that line of thinking is breaking down, quick. We're starting to see that humans will be humans no matter where they garner a paycheck from, and stories like this recent one, where a Roman Catholic Priest was caught doing cocaine on camera, is just another tale destroying those traditional lies. This story is pretty twisted …

We're not so much concerned with the cocaine as we are the bullshit Nazi paraphernalia that was allegedly strewn about the house (and the fact that his rat-bastard buddy snitched on him). “It was just the one night and that was it," the priest Stephen Crossan admits. "I do not have an issue with drugs.”

The source who sold the video (probably for more drugs?), claims they were shocked when entering Crossan's home on the church's grounds because there was Nazi memorabilia everywhere. There might be some sort of reason why it's all there, for some sort of historical preservation or whatever — but let's just assume that probably isn't the case and it's weird as fuck. It wouldn't be surprising if the guys were hanging out with a meth head in a trailer park, still disheartening, not surprising — but this is a house on church grounds with a priest. 

Ya, weird …

Dude's reportedly already left the church and is in the process of getting his life back together. Maybe he'll join a white supremacy group, we hear those dipwads are always hiring.