Hair-pulling and bitch-slapping goes pro.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Thanks to a new trend in competitive professional sports, you can beat the shit out of your friends while wearing lingerie and still be considered 'sporty.' No, this is not your wet dream from high school becoming reality. It's real, and it's called 'catfighting.'

It's like the PMS-ing love child of women's wrestling, competitive fighting, and theater. The new sport, wrought with hair-pulling and apologetic bitch-slaps, is both recreational and performative for the women who do it. One catfighting troupe from Michigan, Klaw Mark Kittens, takes an "artistic" approach to catfighting by dressing up as vintage 1950's pinup girls, and acting out scenarios, like where one girl is dressed as a bee, and the other is dressed as a flower, and they kick the shit out of each other. Boners, deploy!

The catfighting is choreographed, and mostly for show. But, as troupe leader Autumn Luciano told Huffington Post,

When show time comes, the girls will kick each other's butts.

English troupe Wildcatz has managed 1 million hits on YouTube in its first year, and they're hoping to arrange a tour of arenas, if that gives you any idea about how popular the sport is becoming. Man, if only we video of that girl-on-girl action…OH WAIT, FOUND IT