Sleeping is our favorite, and now we can do it even better … 

Man, sleep is the best. Really, we wish we were sleeping right now. But thanks to stupid "adulthood" and "responsibilities" and getting our "ass to work," we have to be productive grown-ups most of the time.

That's where the magic of the nap comes in. (Besides, Edison and JFK did it all the time, so there's our excuse.) But you can both undernap and overnap, and then you're just as fucked as before. You gotta play it right. 

Bring your nap game to the next level with the Caffeine Power Nap, a combination of two different scientific studies. The first, a 1995 study from NASA comparing alertness among trans-Pacific airline pilots, shows that the ideal nap length is 26 minutes. NASA’s power nap has been shown to improve performance by 34 percent and alertness by 54 percent.

Now add in the next layer: Caffeine. In 2007, the UK’s Loughborough University found that a 15-minute nap immediately following the consumption of caffeine improved the alertness of tired drivers better than just caffeine or just a nap. The reason for this has to do with brain chemistry. Sleepiness is caused by the build-up of adenosine in your brain — an obstacle that’s cleared out when you get a little bit of shut-eye. When that's timed with caffeine’s alertness-boosting affects — which reaches its peak around 30 minutes after consumption — you have yourself a turbo boost of wakefulness.

So if you wanna crush that extra half-hour you have to take a quick nap, chug a coffee, set your alarm for 26 minutes, and then get ready to run a marathon. 

Or you could just go full Costanza and outfit your desk to become sleeping haven:

Yeah, that second option seems a lot better.