Damnit, Psy, you did it again. We just want to hate you so badly for it, but we just can’t. The Care Bear look-alike, pop-stomping sensation released a follow up to his YouTube smash “Gangnam Style” this past weekend, and it dialed up an astonishing 22 million views within the first 24 hours. “Gentlemen,” is well on its way to pulverizing records seemingly unchallenged, currently recording e-looks in the 62 million vicinity, and then some. For this, we can’t necessarily blame North Korea for their recent irritable demeanor towards Seoul, which holds the now infamous Gangnam District. Too soon? Not soon enough?

Regardless of ones distaste towards the entire situation on hand, the dude is simply just doing what he loves, millions of people the world over are latching on, and generously providing him an outlet for it. “Gentlemen” isn’t the worst song ever made. Hell, it’s actually pretty catchy. But, we can’t help but wonder if the cleverly placed release had anything to do with the fact that every other music journalist still won’t shut up about LL Cool J and Brad Paisley?