When you think heart-pounding semi-instrumental live shows performed by an anonymous electronic artist sporting a neon glowing rainbow animal mask, who is it that comes to mind?

Correct: it’s Slow Magic — an inimitable force among party elites. For years, the subdued producer has been perfecting a style all their own, captivating audiences everywhere from Electric Forest to Coachella, The Gorge to Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Yet nothing will compare to his appearance at Rooster Magazine’s Hill Block Party, throwing down all day on September 22.

1. Good morrow! How are you feeling right now?
Hello! I’m feeling great.   

2. In your own words, describe your sound to someone who hasn't heard of you:
I guess I’m not sure the genre, but I think I make electronic music that captures some kind of euphoric vibe.

3. You've been doing your thing for quite some time, what have you noticed most about the music industry and its changes over the years?   
Definitely. It’s always changing and things are evolving as far as how to connect with people and release music. But through all of the changes, the one constant is really just the music; a good song will always reach people.

4. Do you think the music industry is on a good trajectory right now?
I will say yes because I’m thankful to be doing what I do. The easier it is to make and release music, the better, because then we can discover new talents we may have never been able to before the Internet or Spotify etc.

5. Are you someone who has a song come to them out of the blue, or do you spend hours building up to it?
It really depends on the day or song, sometimes it will be almost instant and after I will even wonder where the song came from. Sometimes, like any ‘job’ it’s just sitting at a desk banging your head on the table until you figure it out. (Actually, I’m not sure that's what people do in normal jobs but I do that.)

6. You work with some incredible talent in their own right; how important is it to have a team you can rely on?
It's always beneficial to surround yourself with like-minded and hard working people. I have been really lucky to tour and work with some awesome people. Slow Magic is really a band or a group even though I’m on stage alone.

7. If you could change something in the industry, what would it be?
I would definitely want to change it to be more gender equal.

8. You're going 75 mph on I-25 and suddenly a cloven hawk jumps in front of your car, causing you to slow down 53 mph — how fast are you now going?

9. What can fans expect out of you in the near future? Any drops, collabs, appearances we can get excited for?
I’m working on a lot of new things! I wish I could say more!