Album reviews for those of us who have better shit to do.

Album reviews for those of us who have better shit to do. Have an album submission? Email it to us at


Dan Aid // The Quiet Place

Most often seen fronting the punk outfit Wiredogs, singer/songwriter Dan Aid leaves his aggressive frontman post to delve into a more sincere delivery. His brash vocals from songs past are reduced here to soft meanderings, though still packed with powerful lyrical content meant for the thinking beings of us. Aid is one of the greater assets the local music community has going for itself, and him being able to jump ship on one genre and excel in another is further proof of that.

Sur Ellz // Magic

It’s officially cuffing season, and what comes along with that are long nights inside with a special someone who’s more like extended seasonal company than a long-term conquest. Get close to them with Sur Ellz, Denver’s latest soul sovereign. Produced by former Air Dubai member Lawrence Grivich (even featuring Julian Church, also of Air Dubai on the opening track “Comfort”), Magic is an emotional escapade in the language of soft romance. Fireplace, schnapps, bae, Sur Ellz. Let’s get cuffed.


Lizzo // Big GRRRL Small World

We are shocked, shocked that Minneapolis-based emcee Lizzo hasn’t seen herself a blow out year yet. She’s by far one of the top three female hip-hop lyricists/singers in our book currently on the circuit, and Big GRRRL Small World does nothing to knock her position down. Fast, steady and wildly energetic, Lizzo’s flow is unmatched in the current paradigm. In her newest, she runs the entire tempo gamut, rolling through soulful mind-easers to high-fevered could-be club hits. Fire!

Two Fresh // Torch EP

If you’re coming at the new album from Two Fresh expecting the same flavored treats from Kendo and Shweez, consider yourself disappointed. Their progression into heavier hip-hop influence comes to a head in their Torch EP, even featuring bigger names like Joey Purp and Vic Mensa on “Still Got It.” It’s an evolved sound, and a greater fit for the one-time local CO act. The duo has absolutely found their musical calling. Good boys and girls deserve this in their filthy stocking.