Album reviews for those of us who don’t need to get out more.

Album reviews for those of us who don’t need to get out more. Have an album submission? Email it to us at


Trev Rich // The Way We Love EP

There’s something to be said about thriving genres and artists that do so without any attention from major media outlets in its city. Local hip-hop, and Trev Rich, is that — both will likely see the other side of success soon enough. As one of the strongest voices in Colorado right now, it’s no surprise The Way We Love is as solid as it is. As a favorite, “Parachutes,” is our shit. He sings, he raps, he harmonizes — he delivers.

option4 // Activate EP

Man, these short cock-teases of emotion really tug on our senses. Only two tracks deep, the Activate EP from deep-house producer option4 is such a polarizing release. On one side, “Activate” and “DOAUK (Club Sweat)” are out of control, on the other, we just want more. He’s done short drops before though, so at least he’s consistent. Regardless, option4 is a creator that understands how to make his fans bounce around without much effort. Put the Activate EP inside of you.


Sadistik // Salo Sessions

We sung high praises of Sadistik when he released the Ultraviolet album in 2014, but were slightly disappointed with his most recent. It still balls along the dark and spooky, with his wordplay and cadence skills at an all-time high. The monotony of the beats power over everything good, though. As an independent hip-hop force, he’s definitely still worth fucking with. We’d start with Ultraviolet, however, if you’re looking for a good jump point.

Anderson .Paak // Malibu

Last year saw classically soulful musicians the likes of Leon Bridges and Nathaniel Rateliff break out of a modern mold, sewing in an updated sound to old school nostalgia. Next on the block is Anderson .Paak, an infectiously honest and fascinating artist drenched with character. While Malibu isn’t his first, it’s certainly his biggest — complete with an entire album’s worth of re-listenable hits featuring ScHoolboy Q, Talib Kweli, The Game and more.