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Turner Jackson // Red Plastic Cup

Denver-based crooner and party-amplifier Turner Jackson is on turn-up mode. He seems to be tossing sounds at the wall, looking for what sticks, trouncing around multiple genres in his Red Plastic Cup. From disco to funk, hip-hop to … punk rock? It has it all, yet surprisingly works as a complete source of entertainment — his comforting and gritty voice the glue that holds it all together. If this dude doesn’t break out of cow town soon, there’s something seriously wrong with the world.

Late Night Radio // Vinyl Restoration 6

Straight extended mixes are some of our favorite things to listen to. Where albums can often feel somewhat choppy or forced to work as a whole, mixes are a “do or die” situation — it has to work continuously, that’s the point. The 6th volume in Late Night Radio’s Vinyl Restoration series is his best to date, wavering through groovy high-ends tossed over bass-driven hip-hop lines. His production skills really shine in this one. We’re ready for 7, 8, 9 … keep ‘em comin’.


Gareth Emery // 100 Reasons to Live

Gareth Emery takes us back. His was a sound popping off in the earlier days of the 2000s with the likes of Paul Van Dyke, ATB and Paul Oakenfold — a swirling ethereal landscape powered outward with angelic anthems and heavy booshes … so many whooshes. Like that. While his sound is updated more so than the aforementioned, his style still hits home. 100 Reasons to Live isn’t chock-full of bangers and drops, it’s a trip through whimsical, female-fronted classical trance.

Krizz Kaliko // Go

If you’re into Krizz Kaliko because of everything he’s done thus far, you’re going to be shocked if you throw in Go without knowing what’s going on. Kaliko has always considered himself a singer that raps; in this he opens his voice up big. Aside from collabs with other Strange Music artists like Rittz, Ces Cru and Tech N9ne, who all throw in respective bars, there are only a few tracks where Krizz spits himself. Go shows impressive depth.