Album reviews for those of us who gotta get away. Have an album submission? Email it to us at

Album reviews for those of us who gotta get away. Have an album submission? Email it to us at


Yawl // A Pile To Keep, A Pile To Burn

From Denver to Germany and most everything in between, the unlikely duo of Colorado-based rapper Ancient Mith and German producer Dot have covered a ton of the world’s ground with their new project already. With the new drop, the two roam through low-tempo thought sessions, stuffed with emotional prose and comfortable distortions. As its debut album, it’s commendable how well produced and clean it is — something fairly common with newcomers. We dig.

Kontrast & Fo Chief // Cannonball Soup: The Last Supper

Well slap us with a fish-fried meatball and call us pretty — the debut album from Kontrast & Fo Chief is everything right now. It has beauty, it has rawness, it has a depth in it unmatched in local anything. With a heaping bowl full of artists lending their talents to the collection as well, it keeps every frenetic track distinct, but pieced together enough the entirety of it never gets lost as a complete clusterfuck.


Terravita // The Fallen EP

If you‘re about large sounds and deep bass, consider Terravita your new favorite DJ duo. Probably not your typical romance album, The Fallen EP is stacked with wall breakers. It leads you low, it leads you high, it’s a damn rollercoaster of emotion. Want something inspiring to, we don’t know, do situps to, or whatever? Turn up the track “I’m On It.” It’ll change your life. Catch them in July at the Global Dance Festival, too.

Lyrics Born // Now Look What You’ve Done, Lyrics Born! Greatest Hits

Japanese born, Berkeley-bred rapper Tsutomu ‘Tom’ Shimura has been in the game longer than most of our readers have been alive — 23 years to be exact. He knows a thing or two about packing infectious lyrics on top of flowing backends that sit behind his vocals. It’s the old-school way to do it. In his decades plus, he’s earned the right to drop a “greatest hits” album, and it’s just that. The best of the best.