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Kronen // Kronen EP

When musicians set out to create more than just songs in their approach, such as a movement, a statement or, in Kronen’s case, auditory hallucinations, there has to be a higher respect for the effort. The psych-rock band often seeks, with help of an extensive understanding of hearing science, to provide a different experience for listeners, and in its self-titled EP, an adventure was accomplished. It’s drugless mind expansion with a melodic variation.

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake // Totem

SRRS has long been ahead of the rest in the local battleground of local supremacy. It does so by avoiding trending genres and provides listeners its own incantation of dark and ethereal melodies. The result of lead vocalist Hayley Helmericks’ mystic croon atop oscillating synths and powerful drum lines is a haunting fascination. With no other act like it in the scene, it’s managed to corner the market on dark and fanciful melodies. More of this, please.


The Bots // Pink Palms

As one of our favorite new artists on the come-up, we may be slightly biased toward The Bots, but it’s our magazine, so deal. “Pink Palms” is a solid example of what well-produced garage punk sounds like and the power its minimalism beholds. Brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei are the only members in the act and show no audible weaknesses to the contrary. The album is full, energetic and gets addictive deep within to assure us it’ll stick around even after headphones come off.

Keys N Krates // Every Nite EP

The eclectic musicianship in Keys N Krates makes for an interesting fusion of enslaving pre- or post-game soundscapes. Three guys with wildly different backgrounds came together to produce a party album for the books. It’s the first and only collection we’ve ever seen beg the question, “Are We Faded” only to answer it with the following track, “Yes We Faded.” If that doesn’t interest you enough to grab it, then we fear you’re just not the type of person who enjoys special things.