Quickie Reviews: March 2014

Album reviews for those with terrible attention to…hey look a spider! Have an album submission? Email it to us at Brian@TheRooster.com


Mama Lenny & The Remedy / Time, You’re Doin’ Fine

One of music’s many purposes is to take listeners on an escape from the failing reality that is the defective world in front of them. “Time, You’re Doin’ Fine” is a full on funky and soulful jaunt into what we’d expect could be the soundtrack of a 50s-era homemaker on legal meth. Classic and groovy; we like it like that.

My Body Sings Electric / Part 1: The Night Ends

There’s only so much a band can do in this state before eyeing the next level. My Body Sings Electric has achieved it all and appears to be going after so much more with the release of its “Part 1: The Night Ends.” The album is a successful – new word alert – indiepopternative example of what it takes to break the glass ceiling.


Big Gigantic / The Night Is Young

While we could have easily considered the new album from Big Gigantic a local release it wouldn’t validate what the act has been able to accomplish lately. It’s getting big. So big in fact it may even be gigantic. See what we did there? “The Night Is Young” is what we’d expect from the Boulderish duo: clean, danceable and with ample drops of that boom boom rhythm.

The Chain Gang of 1974 / Daydream Forever

Kamtin Mohager pulls musical references from all over the map in “Daydream Forever,” but most noticeably from the 80s synth revolution. Those inspirations are heavy in this long-awaited release. If you’re one of the millions of gamers in the world that bought Grand Theft Auto 5 then you may recognize the first single “Sleepwalking.” If not you have our permission to feel left out.