Album reviews for those of us who like neat sounds and things of the like.

Album reviews for those of us who like neat sounds and things of the like. Have an album submission? Email it to us at


NmE // Distraction from Destruction

Distraction from Destruction is a beginning push for NmE (No. Mind. Equivalent) in his quest as a solo emcee. Employing the help of worthy musical adversaries for production such as Wilky.WAV, Hi-Res, Big J Beats and others, the album’s lyrical content is striking — it mirrors familiar struggles of us all. At times, however, the production quality bounces around as more of a distraction to its content than virtue. There’s good stuff here though, don’t sleep on it.

One Flew West // Selective Memory

If local accolades were enough to break out an act, One Flew West would have, eh, flown west, a long time ago. But winning the love of a hometown is only part of it. With its new EP, Selective Memory, OFW looks to keep the heavy momentum in its favor. With standout, radio-ready tracks like “Had It All” and “Motion Sickness,” the alt-folk act is ensuring a strong run in the local scene. There’s more from this group, we can feel it.


Jain // Hope EP

Jain is a French musician who has created some of the catchiest beats and hooks we’ve heard in a long time. We’ll give her less than a year before she drops stateside and starts blowing our charts up, but for now her Hope EP is everything we need to keep a bit of worldly flair in our playlists. Think of her as an updated Lily Allen with hints of island vibe. Remember: It’s never too cold for Mai Tai’s.

Den Sorte Skole // Indians & Cowboys

What. In. The. H-E double hockey sticks was that!? The Danish DJ duo Den Sorte Skole has 1 new album, with 10,000 samples, lifted out of 350 records collected from 75 countries around the world — and now holds records because of it. This thing is not for anyone looking for a simplistic viral pop hit, in fact it’s over an hour’s worth of slightly cohesive soundscapes that drive the mind through historical journeys of countless cultural backgrounds. Our heads are spinning.