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The Photo Atlas // Disregard Disconnect

With three-fourths of a new lineup in tow, the long-standing veteran act in the local cafeteria is forging ahead with its new EP “Disregard Disconnect” — a steady punch of angsty dance-rock highlighted by frontman Alan Andrews’s vibrato. With The Photo Atlas being two full albums and five EPs deep, the proficiencies of their writing are never up for question — the work delivering exactly what old fans expect and what new fans will likely attach themselves to en masse.

Rumours Follow // Cities Of Love EP

If ever there were a local award for the “most boy-y-est band in Colorado,” Rumours Follow would grab that trophy and run fast & far — looking back only to wink, smile and melt hearts. Reminiscent of years we were definitely not alive in, the quartet delivers wild sax and synth-driven meat under a Bee Gees, Gibb-esque vocal tone. “Cities Of Love” is a time-traveling delicacy and a complete deviation from tired local sounds. Think 80s video montage scenes with so many consensual sex scenes.


Melanie Martinez // Cry Baby

Ohhhkay, here we go — it’s time to embrace what’s going to be a blinding pop storm soon. Melanie Martinez released her debut LP last month and it’s simply ridiculous. There isn’t necessarily much technical prowess leading the 13-track album, but with a controlling voice and bizarre lyrical themes, there doesn’t really need to be any. Martinez is a unique artist, controlling (almost) her entire output. She’ll find a niche, blow it up and allow the followers to eventually catch on.

FKA twigs // M3LL155X

If you don’t yet “get’ FKA twigs, don’t worry about it, you’re not alone. She’s a growing artist trying to push certain expectations of music to the wayside — sometimes to her detriment. But in the case of her new EP (pronounced “Mellissa”) her uniqueness stands on its own. Moody, sometimes unsettling vibes abound, “M3LL155X” isn’t for everyone. At least check out “glass and patron” — with its low tempo bass hits and dream-distorted vocals, it’s begging for a proper remix.