Album reviews as short as our random bouts of foreplay. Have an album submission? Email it to us at

Album reviews as short as our random bouts of foreplay. Have an album submission? Email it to us at


Wiredogs // Kill The Artist, Hype The Trash
Release Date: January 24, 2015

If you haven’t yet taken a shower in the torrent that is the local rock scene, the new album from Wiredogs may be the most comfortable place to start. It carries a powerful vibe to elicit street cred from eavesdropping neighbors, but it’s accessible enough family members won’t start worrying about any mental breakdowns. Our favorite of the tracks, “Witness,” stays true to punk’s roots and has vocalist Dan Aid adamantly scolding the world with “When we were young we still knew better than this!”

Eddie Knolls // Five Live EP
Release Date: January 2, 2015

Nobody will ever accuse hip-hop emcee Eddie Knolls of being basic. While some aspiring rappers rely solely on recycled beats and others’ songs to build a library, Knolls employs the hands of sultry jazz musicians to project the vibe. The only thing we want to do with the “Five Live EP” on deck is kick our feet up in a run-down part of New Orleans and sip on the finest of top-shelf hooch. It automatically shifts a downtrodden mood with swift punches to the soul receptors.


Milo Greene // Control
Release Date: January 27, 2015

Milo Greene calls its brand of music “cinematic pop” because of its fascination with movie scores. That background in mind, “Control” is absolutely an album we can see making its way into a number of films or television spots. It steps away from the band’s folkier aspect and runs towards an ‘80s-styled synth party. We’re not saying “Law & Order” screams in our heads the whole time, but we did get flashes of detective Odafin Tutuola solving mysteries in neon workout attire.

Until The Ribbon Breaks // A Lesson Unlearnt
Release Date: January 20, 2015

Until The Ribbon Breaks makes music the world needs. It’s thoughtful, poetic and provokes listeners into consensual submission. The sharp UK electro-rock outfit covers the gamut in genre-affiliation with “A Lesson Unlearnt,” but never leaves its roots of mesmerizing quality. The awe-inspiring single “Revolution Indifference" featuring Run The Jewels deserves a quick-pass to the top of some sort of musical pillar. It combines dark, influence-peddling prose with inescapably obsessive avant R&B passion. Sweet lord of song, we’re hooked.