Quickie Reviews: January 2014

Album reviews for those with terrible attention to…hey look a spider! Have an album submission? Email it to us at RoosterMagazine@gmail.com.


The Yawpers / Good Songs/Shitty Versions

It’s worth noting that the title to The Yawpers’ new album isn’t entirely accurate. Yes, it’s an album of cover songs (even covering itself), but it's not as shitty as the act would lead you to believe. The collection brims with powerful renditions of  “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith, “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis and even Motörhead’s “Ace Of Spades."

Logistixx / New Paradigm

It always makes us happy when an artist doesn’t fall into the self-aggrandizing ploy for the often-sought-after respect-effect. The audible vacation away from that is why the new mixtape from Logistixx is such a candid listen. He’s a conscious and thoughtful rapper with smooth cadence and fitting articulation in delivery. Weekend vibes, everyone. Weekend vibes.


Matt Pryor / Wrist Slitter

Matt Pryor is best known for his work as the lead-singer and songwriter for the emo-centric alternative rock band The Get Up Kids. “Wrist Slitter” is his voyage away from the dismissive label and into the more mature subject matters of fatherhood, personal reflection and self-awareness. No, it’s not about killing yourself. It’s about not killing yourself. Noted.

No Cigar / Monsters

There isn’t a whole lot coming out of Billings, Mont., these days, but the geographical seclusion is a virtue that leaves the music scene unscathed by bandwagoning space-fillers. No Cigar’s debut studio album “Monsters” holds classic tales of dissent and individuality surfaced with loud guitars, crashing cymbals and grainy vocals. It’s old-school punk rock and makes no argument towards the contrary.