I've had a lot of them, but this one took the cake and ate it too …

Experts reside everywhere.

1. What is a dry rub?
A. Something teenagers do                           
B. A gross cocktail
C. Spice mixture rubbed on meat before cooking   
D. A trendy diet

2. True or False: Full House’s John Stamos regularly plays with The Beach Boys.

3. The Avengers, Spider-Man, and the X-Men are all part of what company?
A. Marvel Comics                                      
B. Xbox
C. Rocky Mountain PBS                                   
D. DC Comics

4. Thermostats in the winter (for maximum efficiency) are best left at:
A. 75 degrees                                            
B. 33 degrees
C. A stifling 80 degrees                                    
D. 68 degrees

5. Which author created the character Pennywise?
A. J.K. Rowling                                            
B. Stephen King
C. George R. R. Martin                                   
D. John Kasich

6. In the movie “Pulp Fiction,” what time are all the clocks stuck at?
A. 11:11                                                     
B. 9:11
C. 4:20                                                              
D. 3:03

7. True or False: You can use water in place of antifreeze?

8. What does Journey want you to never stop doing?
A. Partying                                                   
B. Sending Candy Crush invites
C. Believing                                                     
D. Complimenting our dapper hats

9. Opposite sides of a 6-sided dice always add up to:
A. 5                                                              
B. 12
C. 3                                                              
D. 7


1. C, 2. True, 3. A, 4. D, 5. B, 6. C, 7. True, 8. C, 9. D

1-3 Correc Sammy, is that you? The police told you to leave me alone, remember?

4-6 Correct: Not bad, but not … "good" … either.

7-9 Correct: Dream babe. What's your Instagram name again?