This weekend, anyone still left over on Tidal (or who spent Friday morning stealing it) will be talking about the new Jay Z album. The rap icon is still trying to make his platform work, and to do so feels like exclusive deals are going to save it (it's not). The work, titled 4:44,might upend numbers for a few weeks (he is Hova after all), but for younger artists trying to break out, a move like that would be career suicide. In 2017, you have to get your tracks out everywhere.

Ugly God is one of those. As a rapper who once performed under the name Pussy Bacon before his parents found out, Ugly God is out there betting on self-deprecation to make people listen. He recently dropped a diss track … about himself.

And you know what? It's worked. So far, "Fuck Ugly God" has tallied over 700,000 Soundcloud plays in just over a day — no small feat for a dude with little major industry backing that's come up on the backs of blogs and Soundcloud plays.

The track isn't in itself anything extremely ground-breaking. It's just him, some friends and a Mac program running through the chorus of "Fuck Ugly God" over and over. The delivery, on the other hand, is a lesson to others looking to break out. No, don't follow exactly in his tracks and release your own diss track — but take note that to be noticed you have to be noticeable. Doing things differently is the future. 

Witholding your art from fans while demanding a bigger payday, sadly for Jigga Man, is not.