Makes you feel kind of stupid for saying "that's not fair" all those years, doesn't it?

Being down and out on luck is a way of life for a vast majority of the human population. Where one may stray from a goal and blame the entire universe for shortcomings, others veer in a different direction and use the absence of handouts as an inspiration to accomplish whatever it is they want to do with themselves.

Like New York emcee Prince Harvey, dude just doesn’t give a fuck. One day Harvey decided his lack of having working equipment wouldn’t be the end to his wanting to be a hip-hop star. So he packed up his talent, rode the J train from Brooklyn to the Apple Store on the east side of Manhattan and began a 4 month project of recording his album — both vocals and backend beats created entirely with human made sounds.

“It wasn’t my plan to record this at the Apple Store,” Harvey tells The Daily Beast. “First, my computer died. Then my external [hard drive] died,” he says. “New York is expensive. I couldn’t just buy another laptop. I just thought, ‘I’m going to die before anyone knows I’m hot.’”

Working around things like security, shifty-eyed stares from strangers and the workers themselves, Harvey claims to have made friends with at least a few of the Apple employees who secretly allowed him to record his album 5 days a week on the display computers during business hours.

The name of his upcoming album is “PHATASS” — an acronym used for the lengthier "Prince Harvey At The Apple Store: SoHo" title. It’s said to be dropping on July 26 and already has two singles out, both of which can be found embedded below.

In the same interview Harvey claims to never think of himself as poor or underprivileged in any capacity. He says he's just a creative, wandering around this world with a vision and using all resources available to make his dreams come true.

“But I do want money,” he says. “I want to tour. I want to perform for different people. Shit, I’ll go to Antarctica for the penguins if they’re feeling it.”