The Hustler publisher has generously offered Trump a free medical examination to confirm his penile state.

Last week, history was made when the most recent GOP debate devolved into a hilariously embarrassing argument between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio about the most pressing social our country currently has to face: penis size.

Instead of trading jabs over foreign policy platforms or national debt abatement, the two boys went straight for dick stuff with Donald Trump insisting he had "no problems in that department."

"Look at those hands," he told told the audience, holding up his right and left for everyone to see. "Are they small hands? … If they're small, something else must be small."

Uh huh. We see.

And even though onlookers and general people with ears and eyes were horrified by this adolescent, irrelevant behavior, many people were left wondering just how high the wall around Trump's weener would have to be, if you catch our drift.

Well, now, one notorious publisher by the name of Larry Flynt (Hustler) is asking Trump to put his money where his mouth is, or rather … dick is (?) by showing American just how well-endowed he he really is. The people, after all, have a right to know.

In an open letter to the scaly, orange candidate, he wrote the following request for peen:

Ha ha, oh Larry Flynt.

Trump has not yet responded to Flynt's generous offer for a free medical examination, and there's no word whether the same requests of Rubio are being made, but Flynt makes pretty spot-on point: why should penis size dictate the fate of our country? Many a fat, white, old man has taken up residence in the White House … you think any of them are packing heat? Please. If anything, a small penis should give a leader the Napoleonic false confidence to lead the free world, much like how a lifted Hummer gives a man with a small penis the confidence to take his girlfriend Cherri to Red Lobster.

Not to mention Hillary Clinton doesn't even have a penis, probably, but she's already got more country-running experience in her little finger than Trump has in his whole five-dollar footlong.

But, like we said, size shouldn't matter. It's the motion of the ocean that truly counts, and currently, Trump's ocean motion feels doughy and also unfit to lead.

But man! All this talk about penis size has got us feeling RAND-Y, so head on over to this article to hear us fantasize about what each of the presidential candidates are like in bed … regardless of penis size. Looking at you, Trump.