Vaping smokes the competition.

The new rebellion against the smoke establishment is being assailed by a relatively new practice — one that’s fueling a billion dollar industry. It’s called vaping, and it’s making Americans healthier while driving precious funds away from predatory pockets. Basically, big tobacco companies and health industries are about to get their asses handed to them.

What seems like an overnight sensation comes from the decades-long work of smarter-than-us scientists, most notably Herbert A. Gilbert, who patented the idea of the e-cig way back in 1963. Seeing as how big tobacco companies dominated pop sensibilities back then, it’s no wonder the idea never took off. Smoking then was still considered “safe” and “sexy” — two words the informed class will never use to describe butt-heads of today.

A basic power source, an oil canister, a heating coil and a mouthpiece are generally all that goes into a pen, with the oils being the most customizable feature — and what drives most of the appeal of the vape world. Oils run the gamut of delicious variations — from churro flavor to daiquiris, from cereal options to something called “Red Rocks” — and contain variable nicotine levels for all types of users (even 0, just to look cool).

The true beauty of vaping is that there’s no smoke. The burnt crap usually inhaled with cigarettes is where most dangerous chemicals reside (and stank!). To boot, positive studies are compounding weekly, proving the benefits of vaping vs. smoking. Public Health England, an agency of the UK’s Department of Health, even made the bold (and provable) claim last month that the “current best estimate is that e-cigarettes are around 95 percent less harmful than smoking.” Translation: Fuck you Philip Morris and your little buddy R.J. Reynolds.

The results are so promising, health officials even suggest that vaping be licensed as a measure to quit smoking (of course it is). They stress that vaping is still not without risks, especially with the inhalation of certain flavoring chemicals, but it’s not nearly as dangerous as the general population believes it to be.

But legalities still loom. Places such as Golden, Denver, Boulder and others ban e-cigarettes in certain parts of the city — citing bogus concerns about the safety of those within sniff-shot of a user (treating it as they do cigarettes). New studies disproving these knee-jerking city officials may help tip the scales back to a sensible resolution, but don’t hold that inhale over it just yet.

The fact is, pro-vape communities are still in an uphill struggle to prove their worth — but seeing as how vaping smells better, tastes better, looks more impressive and is now proven to be healthier, tobacco and health companies (who profit off the sick) are likely screwed. Bye, Felicia!

Stop Smoking, Start Vaping

Kurt Loson of Boulder Vapor House gives his top picks for vape pens: 

Beginner  //  Atlantis V2 w/ CF Sub-Ohm Battery

“The CF Sub-Ohm battery is a simple, yet powerful device. The V2 is an excellent tank with .5 ohm and .3ohm options (controls vapor), with great airflow control on the mouthpiece in newer versions. The organic cotton in the replaceable coils makes this tank a flavor monster!”


Intermediate  //  Nautilus Aspire w/ Innokin VV4 Battery

“The VV4 pack has the convenient feature of pass-thru charging, meaning it allows you to vape while charging the battery. It also lets you know how many pulls you’ve taken by the large LED display. The tank boasts great flavor with its adjustable airflow controller, too.”


Advanced  //  Stumpy w/ SX mini Battery

“The SX Mini is an incredible device which includes 3 modes and 60 watts of power. With the Stumpy, it’s a rebuildable dripping atomizer, unique in its two-post design and low profile. The smaller chamber allows for amazing flavor!”