Boulder drunk institution Catacombs is closing it's mold-encrusted doors and getting replaced with something "classier."  This changes everything.

Put on your best black outfit and cue the funeral wailing, because your favorite bar in Boulder is about to pass onto another realm. That's right, ladies and gentleman, Catacombs has died.

Died, as in it's being remodeled and made into something completely different thanks to Boulderado owner Frank Day, who thinks the treasured bar has "run its course."

The remodel/ total destruction of life as we know it is a part of a larger plan to update and improve all of the Boulderado's dining and drinking options. The Corner Bar will get some sort of nondescript "kick in the butt," as Day says, and Q's will receive some sort of exciting "new twists." But all those updates pale in comparison to what they want to do to your beloved Combs.

The bar as you know it will cease to exist, and Catacombs will be made into some sort of Prohibition-style speakeasy or lounge bar. Because if there's anything college students and drunk Boulderites love, it's fondly remembering an era where there was no booze. And lounging. The changes are set to take place sometime around the beginning of next year. Are you crying yet?

Oh, Catacombs. We'll miss your dank, must-filled atmosphere, sassy bartenders, inexplicably talented karaoke MC, and faint smell of urine. What will we do without your storied pool tables? Your "I'm-only-here-for-one-drink-because-it's-cheap-then-I'm-going-somewhere-better kind of vibe? Where else can we go to get lost in room upon room, searching desperately for our friends as we wade through throngs of intoxicated "cool dads" and Boulderado bridal parties? What will our St. Patrick's Day be like without the soothing beats of a Busta Rhymes/ ACDC mash-up from hell? And where, in God's name, will we be able to attempt to be ironic by rapping to "I Like Big Butts" during karaoke? We're lost without you.

Whether you loved it or hated it, Catacombs was a Boulder institution. A sloppy, eerily decorated kind of institution where all your high school classmates who you don't want to see go to, but an institution nonetheless. Chances are you had your first one night stand coming home from that place. Maybe you met your current ex-girlfriend there. And maybe, if you're like us, you spent hours and hours vomiting enthusiastically into a toilet in their confusingly fancy bathrooms. Catacombs was a memory maker, and we're sad to see it go.

What was your favorite Catacombs memory? Or blacked out memory that you can peace together for the sole purpose of entertaining us during this difficult time? Let's talk this massive loss out.