Each month, we set two daters up at a restaurant, give them free food and drinks, then wait for the magic to happen. This month's Blind Date, we set Brooke and George up for a special night at Thane's Table in Arvada.


Meet the Daters:


Dispensary Manager

Why are you going on a Rooster Blind Date? 
Friend mentioned it to me and it seemed like a good opportunity / experience.

What do you do for fun?
I like to go to shows, go to the park with my dog and experience new things.

What are you best at?
Navigating scenarios with an open mind.

What do you suck at?

Do you sing in the shower?
On occasion. I like to sing in the car.

What are you most grateful for?
Life in general.

Do you want kids?

Immediate red flags:
If they are not an animal person or if they don’t have pets. No pets is a red flag for sure.

One thing you can’t live without:

Why did your last relationship end: 
Dynamic changes.

Guilty pleasure:
Being overly indulgent.



Why are you going on a Rooster Blind Date?
Modern dating methods are just not working. One giant fail after another.

What do you do for fun?
I like to travel, be with my Siberian husky, and I like live music and sporting events.

What are you best at?
Being vulnerable and authentic, to a fault probably.

What do you suck at?
I suck at making time for people in general.

Do you sing in the shower?
If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

What are you most grateful for?
My health and adorable Siberian Husky.

Do you want kids? 
I do not.

Immediate red flags:
Low effort men, and men who think Instagram is real.

One thing you can’t live without:
Chapstick and my dog.

Why did your last relationship end: 
He couldn’t stop falling into bed with other women.

Guilty pleasure: 
Booking flights to new destinations.  I’m hopefully going to Peru next.


As the moon rose high and the stars shone bright, two souls did find themselves drawn to the fabled tavern of mirth and merriment. George and Brooke enter the bar, hearts ablaze with hope and curiosity. Rooster greets them with a warm smile and guides them to their table, where their journey of discovery and enchantment begins, a fabled tale to be forever etched in their memories.


How’s it going so far?

G: I’d say it’s going well. I’m enjoying myself. We’re talking about our backgrounds and cannabis. It seems like she partakes in edibles, but we haven’t actually got into the combustion part of things.

B: It’s going well. He’s really nice. He is a weed connoisseur. Educating me—on my own request—about all the ins and outs of the cannabis industry.


What were your first impressions of the dater?

G: She’s absolutely stunning.

B: He’s very nice, he’s very patient and soft spoken.


Is this the type of person you’d normally date?

G: Someone I would go for, yes… to a certain extent, but we also are in very different circles so it's fortunate we got put in this situation.

B: Probably not, but nothing against him. I don’t know that I would meet someone like him in the wild.


Anything right away that might be a deal breaker?

G: Not necessarily, no.

B: No. I don’t think so.


Where do you normally meet potential partners?

G: I like to approach things where they develop organically. So, through friends or through some sort of shared mutual interest.

B: The red flag factory… or in the wild, or from friends.

What’s the strangest dating story
you have?

G: I don’t have very many strange dates.

B: I met a gentleman who asked me if he could play the keyboard for me. I for some reason accepted. He turned on the keyboard, but he could not play along like he said. Have you ever heard the Fisher-Price toddler commercials?  That was better than what he could do. There was not a second date. We call him Fisher-Price Keyboard Guy.


What are you most nervous about for tonight?

G: Not having any mutual interests.
I feel good now. There are definitely some commonalities there.

B: I don’t know if I was super nervous about the date before I got here, but now as I’m answering these questions, I’m a little nervous about what his opinion is of me.


Did you get any advice for this date?

G: I did. Some of my friends told me to just have fun and to enjoy myself. That’s pretty much it.

B: The first advice I got was “Don’t go.” The second advice I got was you should wear a cape because we are at a D&D spot. I did not do either of those.  I think a lot of my friends thought there was a minimal chance of success and when they learned it was a gaming bar, they thought it was a joke. But I’m optimistic about it. Step outside your box, right?


How did you prepare for the date?

G: I showered and I hit my rosin pen on the way over here.

B: I told my dog not to get his hopes up. He may or may not be getting a future dog father. And I rushed home from work and tried to make it on time – which I was unsuccessful at.


How did your date dress tonight?

G: She’s got the tassel things going on. I don’t want to incorrectly describe it, but she’s dressed like a classy western.

B: He’s dressed nicely. He put on a button down, he put in some effort which I like and respect. He’s already put more effort in than most guys in Denver who wear a shirt with holes in it.


Verily, the discourse betwixt them flowed like a tranquil river, so much so that they demurred to engage in further parley with Rooster and his subsequent queries. Forsooth, George, after assaying repeated entreaties to solicit their responses, did reluctantly withdraw thy selves to impart unto us tidings of the progress of their rendezvous.


How’s it going

G: I think we're enjoying ourselves.

B: It’s going well. We have really great conversations, despite the fact that Rooster keeps trying to interrupt us even though we keep saying no every time.  You’re ruining the date!  Also, thanks for footing the bill.


What have you been talking about?

G: Food, our backgrounds, life experiences.

B: I don’t even want to bore the Rooster readers about this, but we’ve been talking about places we’ve lived, politics and the opioid crisis.  Things that several drinks bring apparently.


Do you two have anything in common?

G: We’ve both spent some time in Texas.  We're both open-minded individuals. I think we're both compassionate too.

B: We have a lot in common. We grew up in the same way—not white-collar, trust fund baby families. The way that we view the world and approach life.


What do you like about your date?

G: There’s a lot of things to like. I like her energy. I like her appearance.

B: I think he has the most depth that I’ve encountered in a man in a while. He hasn’t asked me about my Instagram or Harry Styles or anything like that which is fantastic.


What do you not like about your date?

G: There isn’t anything I don’t like about her.

B: I don’t know if there is anything. He seems great so far.


What’s the most attractive thing about your date?

G: Her realness. I feel like there’s authenticity there that’s not really very common. I feel like most people are fake, and she seems like the opposite of that.

B:  He’s a very thoughtful, deep person. He’s very articulate, and has opinions on things in a non-offensive way.


How would your parents feel about the dater?

G: I think my mom would be very impressed with her.

B: I don’t know that my parents would love him, it’s no knock on him. I’m from a very conservative family who doesn’t agree with the way that I conduct my life. But he’s lovely.


What’s been the best part of the date so far?

G: I think the best part has been being able to genuinely connect.

B: How fluidly the conversation has gone. I expected there to be some awkward silences, but there hasn’t been. We can barely finish one conversation before we come up with something else we want to talk about.


What could make the date better?

G: Maybe some music or a concert.

B: I think if it wasn’t in Arvada because we’re both Denverites. This is a great spot for a date because I would never come in here by myself. This is a really unique place.


How’s the chemistry on a scale of 1-10?

G: I personally feel like it’s an 8 or 9, maybe a ten. But I can’t speak to how she feels.

B: I don’t know if I could put a number on it. He’s very lovely, but I don’t use numbers to rate people.


Where would you like the night to go from here?

G: I’d like to be able to exchange information with her and connect with her in the future.

B: I haven’t really thought about that so far. Time will tell.


Will there be a good night hug, kiss or an exchange of numbers?

G: I would hope for an exchange of numbers and a hug. I don’t expect a kiss, but it’s not something I would say no to!

B: I don’t do first date kisses. I’m widely open to seeing where the night ends to see whatever else happens.


Rooster senses the daters' deep conversation and leaves them to continue without interruption. They speak long into the night, their voices a symphony of enchantment that lingers in the air even after they depart from Thane's Table.


How was Thane’s Table?

G: Thane's Table was cool, the service was great and food and drinks were on point. Cool concept even though we didn’t play any games.

B:It was wonderful. The staff could not have been any nicer or more accommodating.


What happened after Rooster left?

G: We continued to converse for a bit, exchanged phone numbers and then we left.

B:We had a few more drinks, closed the place down, and went our separate ways.


What was the best part of the date and why?

G: Best part of the date was meeting Brooke!
She’s lovely.

B: Probably when we bonded over having to both drive from Denver to Arvada and had a good laugh about how neither of us had played any of the games.


Was there a goodnight kiss?

G:. There was not a good night kiss.

B: Only with my dog at home.

Will there be a second date?

G: I hope so! I’d love to go to show with her.

B: Only time will tell!


Any advice for future Blind Daters?

G:. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

B: Wear a prom dress or a onesie. You’re already going out on a limb, so why not just go all the way.


Anything you want to end with?

G: Thanks to Rooster for setting this up. I’m not sure I would have crossed paths with Brooke if I wouldn’t have signed up for this. I had fun getting out of my comfort zone.

B: It was a memorable experience and a great story. Thanks, Rooster, for your generosity and planning it!


Huzzah! We rejoice in the success of the two brave souls who ventured into the unknown realm of love. Will Brooke's dog have a new dad? Will the daters meet again in the enchanting city of Denver? Only time can tell, as they navigate the twists and turns of fate in a world filled with magic and wonder.