Rolling Stone Italy commisioned a hot shot director guy to make this ad that's pretty much just one giant "Fuck you" to EDM, and it's weird and we're confused and just, why, Rolling Stone Italy, why?!

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Rolling Stone Italy comissioned an ad using director Frederico Brugia and Filmmaster Productions that was basically one big, juicy, "Fuck you" to EDM. Dance music. You know, with DJs and stuff?

The ad slams artists who "think they can make music and involve the masses without any musical research but with a mere use of others’ files." In other words, guitars rule, and playing shows off your iPod majorly drools. Skrillex, this concerns you. It's unclear whether the ad is really a Rolling Stone ad, or just something from the director's reel, because it seems weird that the magazine would alienate millions of readers by basically saying "your music is like maggots in our ears." But either way, we just hope Rolling Stone doesn't attack our favorite brand of music, Hoomi Throat Singing, like they did EDM.