Name: Tracie
Occupation: Budtender/Print-Commercial Model
Major: International Business       
Hometown: Searcy, Arkansas
Drink of choice: Gin and Sprite w/a Lime
Favorite flavor of ice cream: Cookies and Cream

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? Anything in the restaurant industry… yuck, I really hate being dirty unless it’s playtime 😉
Dream job: Acting
Where do you see yourself in five years? Traveling the world for fashion merchandising while continuing acting/modeling
What’s one thing you want to do before you die? Do something progressive with the U.N.
It’s 3am on a crazy night, what are you eating? CHEESEBURGERS, my favorite food!
One thing you can’t live without: Coffee
What makes you feel the sexiest? Stilettos
Last book you read? The Stranger by Albert Camus      
Biggest pet peeve in guys: being unmotivated or having no passion
What’s the strangest thing in your fridge right now? Quinoa and Kale, I’m trying to be healthy but I really think both are disgusting.
What’s the best or worst pick up line you’ve heard? Girl, are you on McDonald’s menu? Cause I’m lovin’ it.
Every girl should have: a good book to get lost in.
What’s your greatest accomplishment to date: disarming a dragon with my dangerously good looks, ha!
Worst date experience: A guy asked my friend and me on a double date to a football game.  He ended up making us pay for our own tickets and our own food. Once the game was over he tried to pull me into his car to “get naughty” (come on, in the car in the parking lot of the stadium, wtf?! Ya nasty!). I refused. He got mad then said my friend was more fun than I was because she hooked up w/her date. Then he tried to fist bump me as a goodbye. Worst date EVER. (on a side note I am totally down to get naughty any place, anytime… just not with someone I just met.)
What’s your best party trick? Being myself… I’m kinda like the annoying little sister that is too cute to hate.
Biggest turn on in a guy: being confident in his self and decision making.. even if he is dying from uncertainty inside.
Guilty pleasure: Oreos and Peanut Butter
Night or day? Day   
Cat or dog? Dog
Tu Pac or Biggie Smalls? Tu Pac
Coke or pepsi? Coke
Worst fashion trend: The baggy diaper pants.. Men, just no.
Tell us a joke:  How many tickles does it take to make an Octopus laugh? Ten tickles!! >.<
Best movie villain: Baine from Batman
Who do people say you most look like? …. I don’t think I’ve ever really had a “look alike” moment w/anyone famous…
Favorite type of bear: wait bear? Or beer? Not sure I really like either, sowwy!
Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, who? Adam Scott
Piercings or tattoos? If so, how many and where? Ear and belly button pierced and 3 tattoos .. one one each ankle of roman numerals of my sis’ and my bday and one left rib tattoo in Russian which means To love closely or intimate love
If you were a guy for a day, what would you do? Have a “bro” day.. just to see what guys do.
Best part about being a girl? Getting to dress up in anything or any style you want. Creativity at finest!
What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? Cave Repelling in Puerto Rico
Words of advice to live by: Whatever it is that makes you happy, do that with eternal PASSION.