Each year, Rooster Magazine hosts the THC Classic — the only blind judging cannabis competition in Colorado — where licensed dispensaries, wholesalers and manufacturers compete to see which has the best flower and concentrates in the state. Each of the seven categories (sativa, indica, hybrid, concentrate sativa, concentrate indica, solventless and live resin) has a panel of five judges who meticulously review each strain based on standard criteria. This year, we had over 190 submissions.

Here are the winners from our 6th annual THC Classic.

The Herbal Cure, Denver
Recently inducted to the breeder hall of fame, this Chem 4 x Tres Dawg is a favorite of TopDawg Seeds. The Herbal Cure’s pheno leans more to the Afghani side, so you get all that dark earthy flavor of an indica balanced with pleasant hybrid effects. Beautiful structure, smell, taste & effect make this cannabis the kind you show off!

Reefer Madness / Little Brown House, Denver
Angry Scout
This sativa powerhouse crosses Bruce Banner with Girl Scout Cookies to create a cerebral, focused, and euphoric experience. These incredibly motivating buds glisten with oodles of trichomes and carry a sweet diesel aroma with light earthy undertones.

Lama BGood, Denver
Super Lemon Haze
Very sweet sativa dominant cross of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, this cut leans more towards the Lemon Skunk side with sweet lemon citrus flavors and a strong, uplifting cerebral effect. It puts the smoker in an energetic
and creative mood.

Verde NaturalDenver
Honey (Cherry Pie x Sour Dubb) is a proprietary strain from Cannarado, Cherry Pie is a parent strain to Girl Scout Cookies, while Sour Dubb is Sour Diesel x Biodiesel. A 70/30 sativa, Honey has a bright sour nose with hints of pine and finishes with the diesel flavor. A very social mood enhancer with a mild body high buzz.

The Herbal Cure, Denver
Few in Colorado have seen the iconic Dosidos. A cross of OGKB x Faceoff OG, this flower has a remarkable luminosity due to the massive amount of trichome coverage. The smell of cookies changes to the funk of Faceoff OG upon cracking open a bud. Super potent, this is not for first time smokers!

Pink House, Denver
Coal Creek Kush
Pink House’s Coal Creek Kush, a cut of SFV OG, is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid. It offers a piney and earthy taste that has slight hints of fuel. One of the more underrated OG cuts out there, but when grown properly can stand up with the best of them.

Lama BGood, Denver
Brain OG
Heavy-hitting indica dominant cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Made popular by Snoop Dogg and the west coast hip-hop scene, Brain OG has the bud structure and density of an OG Kush with a sweet Lemon Diesel aftertaste that lingers long after you exhale.

High Level Health, Denver
Skywalker Kush
Skywalker Kush is an outstanding strain for the kush connoisseur. It is an award-winning strain that is very potent and pungent. It has a wonderfully sweet and sour earth scent that can be tasted nicely when smoked.

The Herbal Cure, Denver
Recently inducted to the breeder hall of fame, this Chem 4 x Tres Dawg is a favorite of TopDawg Seeds. The Herbal Cure’s pheno leans more to the Afghani side, so you get all that dark earthy flavor of an indica balanced with pleasant hybrid effects. Beautiful structure, smell, taste & effect make this cannabis the kind you show off!

Peak, Denver
Gorilla Glue #4
In The Flow’s Gorilla Glue #4 is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with enticing aromas of coffee, pungent earth and pine. Euphoric and relaxing, Gorilla Glue #4 is perfect for unwinding after a busy day. Its interesting, topiary shaped flower structure is expertly hand trimmed to preserve precious and delicate trichomes. Featured at Peak Dispensary.

Fox Cannabis, Denver
Banana Split #10
Banana Split is from the award-winning Tangie crossed with Banana Sherbet. This large yielding strain produces frosty dense flowers with amazing color and intense aroma. The familiar tangerine burst of the Tangie is backed with the bold fruity notes from the Banana Sherbet, a must have for any connoisseur.

Lightshade, Denver
Orange Herijuana HTFSE
The Harmony Extracts Orange Herijuana Live Nectar is sure to make your mouth water with a heavy citrus flavor and potent THCa crystals. Dabbing this strain will help alleviate pain while providing an uplifting experience that allows the consumer to stay active and pain-free.

Green Dot Labs, Wholesale
Underdawg OG
aka Loompa’s Headband
Underdawg OG, the finest and most coveted Vintage F1 OG Kush varietal there is. Carefully preserved for nearly two decades for her unprecedented potency and sophisticated savory pallet reminiscent of a freshly opened can of tennis balls and high octane jet fuel.

A Cut Above in Collaboration with Absolute Terps, Denver
Headband x I-95
Sour OG, Legend OG, Triangle Kush and Stardawg IX are all part of the family tree that ends with the Headband x I-95. Bred by the Tierra Rojo crew and selected at ACA, this hybrid stood out from the rest. It is usually the favorite for our more connoisseur customers.

Concentrate Remedies, Denver
Super Silver Flo Live Budder
This in-house sativa-dominant combination of Super Silver Haze and Colorado Flo is a tangy strain with flavors reminiscent of cherry grenadine, lemon candy and sweet flowers. The effect is uplifting and energetic but also has a smooth base from the Flo’s Afghani-influenced lineage, making this a wonderful daytime choice.

Native Roots, 17 locations across Colorado
Sour Tsunami 
A Sativa-dominant hybrid of Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel and Ferrari, Sour Tsunami is known for its distinctive sweet and diesel fuel smell. This tasty, well balanced strain is CBD-rich and effective at knocking down aches and pains while producing a relaxing, enjoyable high.

A Cut Above, Colorado Springs
Oranges. Sticky, frosty oranges. This strain makes smiling faces happen around the globe. There is an incredible amount of flavor in the flower or extract from this strain. Harvested at just the right time, the live resin can be shocking.

Cannabis Maximus, Wholesale
Berk Ice
Bubblegum, candied fruits and tangy gas. This high terpene extract sweeps across your tongue and leaves you tasting its profile for hours. Behind the mouth-watering flavor hides an uplifting experience and energetic high.

Olio, Wholesale
Jilly Bean
Crossed between Orange Velvet and Space Queen, Jilly Bean delivers a very up lifting/happy high. Taking a dab will have you feeling energetic and is best experienced before doing something active. It has deep fruity aromas with a musky skunk smell that lingers in your nose. The flavors are best described as Velvet Berry with a hint of Creamy Orange Sherbert.

Lama BGood, Denver
GG 4 CSC Shatter
Gorilla Glue #4 Shatter from Concentrate Supply Co. has a pull and snap, sappy consistency. One of the strongest strains from Lama Brand Cannabis, the GG4 sap has a heavy, couch-lock effect with the signature GG4 flavors coming through.

Olio, Wholesale
Brain OG
Brain OG is a 70% Indica 30% Sativa strain, Sour Diesel x OG Kush. Its terpene profile includes both the gassy notes from the Sour D and the earthiness of the OG. This pungent balance of flavors engulfs your senses and lingers on the pallet while the effects begin with a pleasant cerebral buzz followed by a relaxing body high.

Boulder Wellness Center, Boulder
Blueberry Mountain
Sweet blueberry meets dank OG, the rich flavor of this flower carries through in any variety of concentrate. Sugary and smooth, the Blueberry is a soothing indica that relaxes yet uplifts the senses. It’s a perfect companion for both enjoying a day in the great outdoors or snuggling in on a rainy day.

Essential Extracts, Denver
Lemon OG Solventless Rosin Batter 
A perfectly balanced 80/20 artisan blend of OG-18 & Lemon G. The look of lemon buttercream and gassy aroma of proper OG-18 with the backend of a lemon rind, this combo is a crowd pleaser. Will definitely have your mouth watering and your brain begging for more.

Fox Cannabis, Denver
Sour Banana Split
Fine and flawless in consistency, the full melt bubble hash pleases even the most particular of hash connoisseurs. A tasty kick from Sour Kosher crosses with savory Banana Split for the best in sweet and sour flavors. The high is smooth, cerebral and uplifting in spirit.

Focused Labs, Wholesale
Black Ice Distillate 
At Flo, they employ a small batch process using only the finest material. It produces one of the most potent and aromatic CO2 distillates on Earth. A cannabis derived Black Ice terpene profile is happily
married into the 95% distillate, which insures you will slide into one of the clearest, dankest highs you’ve
ever experienced.