Christopher Clauss is gearing up to headline the Fox Theatre in Boulder for the second time this Friday, June 14th, 2024.

This milestone marks another significant chapter in his vibrant music career, a journey that began two decades ago in Toms River, New Jersey.Christopher’s musical odyssey started with the humble sound of handbells and viola, inspired by a diverse array of artists from Antonio Vivaldi to Led Zeppelin, and from Kiss to Frank Sinatra. His early foray into music was deeply influenced by his parents—his father, a musician, and his mother, a disco enthusiast with an extensive collection of tapes.

At 14, Christopher formed his first band, Ambiguus Decent, a Green Day and Nirvana-inspired group that played local venues like Cafe 55 in Toms River. This was just the beginning of Christopher’s journey through various bands and musical styles. His second band, The Mooj, saw him dive into the world of music production, using early programs like Mixcraft and Audacity. It was with The Mooj that Chris first tasted the thrill of live performance in New Jersey’s hardcore scene.Christopher’s passion for music production grew as he moved through bands like Free Weed, Beatrix Potter, and Baron Praxis. These experiences honed his skills in recording and mixing, often in unconventional settings like a band member’s mom’s basement. His commitment to the craft saw him playing every instrument and mixing tracks on Ableton, setting the stage for his future endeavors. 

In 2014, Christopher formed Phoebe Nix in New Jersey with his buddy Justin Herdman, performing at iconic venues like the Wonder Bar and the Saint in Asbury Park. The band, known for its eclectic mix of sounds and vibrant performances, quickly gained recognition, being voted as the top up-and-coming indie band at the Asbury Park Music Awards. Christopher  moved to Colorado in 2017, bringing with him the vision to resurrect Phoebe Nix. The band found a new home in Boulder, where Christopher connected with the local music scene, playing alongside prominent bands like Banshee Tree and B-Love. 

This Friday, Christopher will debut his new song “With You Tonight,” recorded in his cabin overlooking Boulder, along with other tracks from the self-titled album “Phoebe Nix.” Reflecting on his journey from the garages and basements of New Jersey to headlining the Fox Theatre, Christopher’s  story is a testament to his relentless passion and dedication to music.As he celebrates this milestone, Chris looks forward to collaborating with more musicians in Boulder, offering his home studio as a haven for creativity and musical exploration. From Toms River to Boulder, Christopher  Clauss’ journey is one of growth, perseverance, and an undying love for music. Don’t miss his show at the Fox Theatre this Friday night at 7PM – it promises to be a night to remember.