We took to the streets of Denver to wreak gamer-fueled nonsense on the normally peaceful outlets of city life in our Real Life Mario Cart Adventure. Big ups to all of our sponsors and to DPD for not throwing us in a concrete box to think about the consequences of our shenanigans.

Will there ever be a time when watching grown-ass adults dress up and act a damn fool all in the name of entertainment not be funny? Our opinion is that it’s highly unlikely, and we’ll always do our part in perpetuating the insanity. Because … ugly laughing is good for the soul and others’ voluntary suffering is just. so. freaking. hilarious.

And we never let a good idea go to waste. When our team suggests a real life Mario Kart Adventure through the streets of Denver, CO – we bite. A couple of quick phone calls to our dear friends at Blake Street Vault and Colorado Cruisers was all it took to bring our readers another ridiculous installment of RoosterTV.

It’s a fascinating adventure and got so unbelievably cray indeed. Big shouts go out to DPD and all inconvenienced do-gooders for not ruining the fun by locking us in the city clink where we probably belong.

The quest featured 4 Karts, 4 racers and 4 checkpoints throughout downtown Denver. The checkpoints all had a thematic challenge for the brave racers and the outcome of each was brutal.

Checkpoint #1: Sam's #3 Dinner (Green Chili Challenge)
Checkpoint #2: Cheba Hut (10 Cup Flip Cup)
Checkpoint #3: Zi South (Pole Climb Challenge)
Checkpoint #4: Blake Street Vault (Yoshi Bobbing for Apples)

It never would have made any sense either without the support of our favorite companies that each win so hard at everything they do, and also in life:

Sam's #3 Dinner
Blake Street Vault
Cheba Hut
Zi South
Breckenridge Brewery
Tito's Vodka
Unser Racing
Colorado Cruisers

Up next: Real Life Grand Theft Auto? Consider our luck pushed, but anything’s possible we suppose …