The astoundingly beautiful Josie Ann knows exactly where to find the best banana hammock smoothie in Colorado …

Denver, CO


Josie Ann, Jo

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Drink of Choice:
Jack Daniels. Always.

Food of Choice:
I don't know what I would do without Italian. Some Fettuccine Alfredo is almost weekly on my meal plan.

420 Friendly?
A great way to break the ice with me is taking a dab.

Best Part About Colorado:
Honestly, the people. I couldn't take a 'smoke' break from an 8 hour day at work when I lived in CA out in my car without being scared someone will call the cops. Here people mind their own business!

Favorite Colorado Restaurants:
Snooze is always kickin' ass when it comes to one of my favorite restaurants, and I have to say Hott Chick •A• Latte off Colfax is a pretty fun coffee shop to grab a drink and chat. Their banana hammock smoothie is fire!

Best Red Rocks Show You've Seen:
Blizmatik show! Gramatik with Cherub, Opiuo, Russ Loquis and Luxas. May 9th, everyone started giving up their tickets because of the blizzard, but my best friend and I did not let the snow and ice stop us. It was just us two dancing our asses off in row 30, not even feeling the ice hit our face all night. It was totally worth it!

Worst Pickup Line You've Ever Heard:
On Instagram, I use the hashtag #freethenipples on my implied shots, and one guy texted me and said: "You can free those nipples around me anytime" … Like really? That's what you try?

Every Woman Should Have:
A red lipstick, there is a shade of red for every skin tone. And it's so sexy.

Biggest Turn-off(s):
Honestly, when the guy is acting like a little bitch. If you want to kiss me, then kiss me. Don't ask me! If i didn't like you, why would I stick through the date? I would of had someone call me and bail me out the first 5 minutes if I wasn't into you.

Worst Date:
Worst date would definitely be a couple years back, it was the first time I went put-put golf, and the guy was just such a dick. [laughs] He would not stop grabbing my putter and taking my turn. I never did it right!

What Would You Change About Colorado If You Could:
The only thing I would change is being able to have Palm Trees. I would be in love if our environment allowed for that!

Dudes Should Never Ever:
Stop trying. I can't speak for every girl in the world, but for me personally, it's a big thing when you see a guy takes care of himself: how he presents himself, the way he talks to others. Where is that confidence at? Show me!

When Did You Know You Wanted to Start Modeling:
I knew when I was like 12. I would sneak away into the spare room and watch The Girls Next Door on VH1. Always imagining being a little playboy bunny.

What Do You Hope to Get Out of a Modeling Career:
I hope to grow as a person with my modeling career. I've learned so much about myself and my confidence in the last 3 years.

Where You See Yourself in 10 Years:
In 10 years, I see myself with a good amount of publications under my belt, work a good life full of travel, living in downtown Denver and owning my own Barbershop!

Shout-outs / Shameless plugs:
Shout to @dsimonsayz. We shoot together on a regular basis and he kicks ass! The passion is crazy with him.

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Photos Provided By: Josie Ann, Blue Sparrow Photography (IG: @bluesparrowphotography) & Simon Sayz Photography (IG: @dsimonsayz, @beagoodperson)