Denver’s Union Station has come under fire recently after allegations of drug use and loitering have RTD workers calling the place a “lawless hellhole.”

According to KDVR, a union representing 2,000 RTD and First Transit workers released a press release in which the organization referred to Union Station as a “lawless hellhole.”

Unfortunately for the RTD union, the joke is on them, as every single one of us has been living in a lawless hellhole for the last twenty years.

“It’s not safe to come to work when you have to inhale smoke from drug pipes,” the union said, which is actually pretty funny, because that’s usually the only guaranteed way for us to show up to work.

According to the article, one RTD operator considers it a great day when no one is seen smoking meth or shooting heroin on the bus, which we also found a little hard to believe, as we’re the type of person that can’t use schedule 1 drugs intravenously when there are people watching.

The union goes on to explain that RTD employees are at “high risk” of assault while passing through Union Station, which actually has some validity to it after Denver Mayor Michael Hancock boosted the stations police presence on Friday.

"Loiterers gather just inside the doors of DUS, packed into public restrooms or scattered on the ground, often smoking illegal drugs within view of Transit Police or other RTD security forces," the release said.

Look, we hate to be the ones to break it to the RTD union, but people have been getting high at public transportation stations for decades now, and it’s not at all that uncommon—just ask Brewer and Shipley.

One homeless person told FOX31 that the mass influx of nefarious shenanigans is due to the recent closure of Civic Center Park, which reminds us: we should pitch another article to our editor on the top five places to shoot China White in public around the Denver Metro Area.

The press release went on to explain that, on Oct. 19 during a tour of the facility Union Vice President Ronald Short and Chief Operations Officer Michael Ford “had to walk in very close proximity of a group of people actively smoking drugs in an aluminum foil pipe just to get into the bathroom to inspect the conditions.”

You heard it here first folks—Ronald Short and Michael Ford are huge overdramatic weenies. Walking in close proximity to a group of people using an aluminum foil pipe just to get to the bathroom isn’t the end of the world…

It’s called going to high school in an urban area. Get over it.