Age: 25
Sex: Male
Location: Boston, MA

What's your go-to beverage? 

Coffee until 2 p.m. Then water. A little kombucha in the afternoon if I'm feeling spicy.

If your name wasn't Sam, what would you want it to be?

Zane, because that's my mom's last name and I think it's sick.

When did you start drawing/illustrating?

I've doodled and drawn pictures since I was a little kid. It's always just been a good creative outlet for me. 

Where did you learn the technique you use now? 

I started painting more tattoo flash style stuff maybe a year ago. It all stems from studying classic tattooing more heavily. I've just taught myself. I didn't go to art school. 

It looks like you started posting your work on Instagram not too long ago. Did you contemplate publishing your work on social media or was it not a big deal for you? 

It's not really a big deal. I try to not think about it to much. If I paint something and I think its cool, maybe someone else does too. Maybe it will inspire them creatively in some new way. Otherwise they would just sit around and collect dust. I just want to put out good energy. Instagram is one way to do that. 

I saw you shooting with a Yashica T3 point and shoot (I have a T4!). Are you inspired by film in your work at all or is it just for fun? 

I love shooting film. It's a completely different outlet for me. It's a way to stay creative while I'm traveling, skateboarding, or just walking around Boston looking at strangers. It's a cool way to capture moments from my unique perspective. It's kind of the opposite of sitting at my desk and grinding out paintings. 

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