It's like a selfie stick, only lonelier!



Oh, hey. We didn't see you there.


We were just over here taking some selfies with our new Selfie Arm. It's like a selfie stick, only lonelier!

See, what the Selfie Arm is, is a cold, dead, disembodied appendage that takes selfies for you. But, the way it's shaped makes it look like you're holding hands with a handsome stranger and leading him or her into the sun-kissed rays of the afternoon. You're probably gonna "have the sex" later, given the apparent intimacy the Selfie Arm conveys … or, at least that's what your adoring audience of selfie slaves will think.


Ignore the fact that the Selfie arm is basically proof that you don't have a friend to take your photo. Disregard the overwhelming secondhand embarrassment witnesses to your Selfie Arm photography will suffer. Don't even think twice about how little sense it will make when all your selfies are you leading an arm into a place. Are you a sherpa?

No? That's what we thought. Let's capture this moment of utter solitude … *click.*

The Selfie Arm was designed by artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe to provide a "sarcastic" commentary on our need to constantly show the internet that we exist.

Currently, it's just a prototype, but even if the Selfie Arm were a real product, you probably wouldn't be able to take it anywhere given the ever-increasing number of places selfie sticks are banned from.

But that's fine. Think how many "Woke up like this" selfies you can take in your own bed with your new floating limb. Like, probably seven!

Oh well. A tenth of a boyfriend is better than a zeroth, so … wish us the best as we embark on the path to narcissism with a floating arm in tow. Mazeltov!