Ladies, wondering why you're single with two cats and empty ice cream pints lining the side of your bed? Turns out it isn't your parents fault. Well, actually, in some way it is according to a new study that found that the shape of a woman's face may have a direct correlation to the success of their relationships.

For the study, several hundred heterosexual male volunteers were shown a selection of faces made up of composite parts, and researchers asked the men which they would choose for a short relationship, and which for a longer one.

Researchers put two faces side-by-side; one face being slightly more feminine and the other slightly more masculine.

The results, which were published in the British Journal of Psychology found that men who were interested in only a fling preferred women with more delicate, feminine features while men interested in something long-term or a wife, chose a women with more masculine features. 

The reason for such a social anomaly? Men choose less attractive women because they are less likely to be unfaithful. Queue feminist outrage. One researcher pointing out that men don't want a women who's unfaithful because there's a chance that if she has a kid, it won't be their kid. 

Mapping the mating qualifications of the human species, it was also determined that women use the same facial criteria when determining a partner.  

In other studies, females similarly prefer chiseled, hunkier men for a fling and softer, less testosterone-packed geeks with which to settle down, – possibly as they are considered more reliable for raising children.

There's always a reacher and a settler in every relationship. Which one will you be?

Of course, when alcohol makes its appearance, both men and women neglect their instincts and take what they can get. Damn you alcohol.