"I am wary of adopting a single style, it is all over the place honestly … "

Name: Marcus Goodgaine
Nickname: I don't really think I have one. Or at least one that's stuck.
Eye color: Brown

Local whiskey preference:
Law's Bourbon

Best skittle flavor:
Green, the Darkside or Orchard bags, man I love those!

Last book you read:
"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."

Have you ever googled yourself?
No… googling myself now… O, a bunch of my social profiles and pictures of my art, but that's about what you'd expect right?

One thing every artist should own:
Sketchbook and pencil.

How would you describe your style of art?
I am wary of adopting a single style, it is all over the place honestly. But I like it that way so I can experiment with different styles and mediums. I definitely enjoy experimenting with surrealism and feel most comfortable with pens or acrylic paints.

You hang out with the talented Mike Giant, how has he inspired your work?
Mike has been monumental in my artistic progression in many ways. As a young grasshopper I studied his line work, and this last year after meeting him and so many other great artists at his art nights has been really inspiring. Mike has introduced me to so much great art and other local artists like Sam Parker or Mark Scott. And so many other people I wouldn't have gotten to meet without his outgoing approach and awesomeness, Thanks Mike!!

Is there a certain subject matter you prefer to paint? 
Surrealism allows me to explore many different visual landscapes as well as the symbolism and hidden meanings I often enjoy incorporating into my work. My work can sometimes be vulgar or critical, but in general I like to keep it light and colorful with a lot of visual puns.

What's in store for the future?
Hopefully an art show or two in the near future, as well as getting my first coloring book published. After that, some more drawings, paintings, travels, adventures, inspiration; you never know man, sky's the limit!
Shameless plug: Thank you to all the early education Art Teachers out there who are inspiring the next generation of artists! We need you now more than ever.

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