Just when we thought Hollywood couldn't do any worse than Fast and the Furious 6, they totally out did themselves and signed on to produce Angry Birds 3D, in what we can only imagine would simulate putting our head into a wood chipper. Sony Pictures Entertainment announced this week that they plan on releasing the thrilling movie in 2016. The plot has yet to be determined. 

Based off the videogame app that sold an astounding 1.7 billion downloads and is one of the top-paid apps of all time, Angry Birds hits the big screen after serving time on basic cable with a television series called "Angry Birds Toons." 

Michael Lynton couldn't pass up the opportunity

"Every studio in town would love to add 'Angry Birds' to their slate. There are few titles out there that bring this kind of excitement, brand awareness and built-in audience to the table," Michael Lynton, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Amy Pascal, co-chairman of the unit, said in a statement.

Give America what it wants. We'll make sure to have our flasks filled to capacity for this one.