Each month, we set two daters up at a restaurant, give them free food and drinks, then wait for the magic to happen. This month’s Blind Date, we set Ru and Scott up for a crafty date at Meow Wolf Makers event. 

Sips (with a Z) in Meow Wolf for a blind date sponsored by Rooster Magazine

Meet the Daters:

Name: Ru

Current job: Publicist at Meow Wolf Denver. 

Why are you going on Rooster’s Blind Date? Because I am interested in new experiences with new people, and I am interested in reclaiming some part of me that has been lost to the unknown. 

What’s a good way to win you over: Laughter, sweetness and affection. 

Most irrational fear: Eggs. Any egg. Particularly runny eggs, scrambled eggs, cooked eggs. I once broke up with a guy after seeing how he ate eggs.

What’s your greatest strength: Communication. 

Never have I ever: Eaten an egg. My mother said she knew I didn’t like them because I would hide them behind the couch.

One thing about you no one would believe: That I’m shy. 

Do you want kids? No. I have one million nieces and nephews that I love.  

What do you geek out on? Astrology. 

Immediately red flags: If they were rude or if they have bad manners. The bad manners is the first red flag. 

Immediate green flags: Smiles, warmth, charisma. 

One thing you can’t live without? Burt’s Bees Chapstick. 

Why did your last relationship end? I’m perpetually in love all the time, and my love evolved. 

Biggest date fail: I went to the wrong place one time. I could not get it together with where I was supposed to be so the date didn’t happen. I just went home at that point. 

Celebrity crush: Idirs Elba. I also think that Damian Lillard is very hot. I also think that Bradley Cooper is very hot. Also George Clooney is OG hot. 

Guilty pleasure: Smoking weed and watching Anderson Cooper. With a side of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Name: Scott

Current job: Plumber. 

Why are you going on Rooster’s Blind Date? I was curious about the experience. I’m really looking to have fun. 

What’s a good way to win you over: Listening to me. 

Most irrational fear: Leaf blowers. I can’t stand them. Maybe it’s not a fear, but the noise, the smell. I can’t even stand them. What were they thinking when they made them? You’re just going to blow everything over here, and tomorrow it’s going to be windy and it’s going to blow right back! Oh my god. Don’t even get me started on them. 

What’s your greatest strength: I really value friendship and I really try to be a good friend and be a person who people would consider to be a good friend. 

Never have I ever: I’ve never been to Meow Wolf ever. And I’ve never been to Casa Bonita.  

One thing about you no one would believe: Where I’m from. I don’t fit that mold. I fit the Boulder look and vibe, and it just does not fit with where I’m from. Its polar opposites. 

Do you want kids? Yes. My parents had kids so they could have little workers. I want my own little army. 

What do you geek out on? Coloring. And being creative. I’ve started experimenting with drawing really colorful people with a normal environment in the background. 

Immediate red flags: If they listen to Björk. I’m not into cats. My allergies can’t take it. And cigarette smokers. 

Immediate green flags: If they make the first move. Like if they approach me or any kind of forward attention. 

One thing you can’t live without? My ability to ride my single speed bike. Man, it’s like a drug hauling ass. 

Why did your last relationship end? What do you say when you want something to go somewhere, but the other person isn’t into you? Maybe it was incompatibility. I didn’t really explore it. It was just over. If it’s not right, it’s not right. I try not to take it personally, but it was something I was disappointed by. 

Biggest date fail: Aw shit man. One time I went on a date and she got really drunk. To the point that she got sick, her friend had to come get her. Her friends looking at me like I fed her alcohol or something. But she just got drunk. It was messy. 

Celebrity crush: Kristen Stewart. She’s really shiny and catches your attention. And Krysten Ritter, and the girl from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Kristen Bell. Oh shit… they are all Kristen’s. 

Guilty pleasure: I like coloring. I used to love the shit outta kombucha, but I stopped doing that because of all the sugar. I really like to smoke weed, listen to talk radio and play pool on my phone.

Round 1: We arrive at Sips (with a Z) inside of Meow Wolf Denver eager for our daters to learn the ancient art of yarn crafting with trash courtesy of this month’s Meow Wolf Makers event. Ru is dressed to the nines in her favorite floral print while Scott arrives looking like a Wish.com version of Sylvester Stallone. After a brief introduction, the pair heads upstairs to begin their yarn filled date.

How are things going so far? 

R: Thing are going really well. He is a really thoughtful person. He says something but he prefaces it by his actions, and I really like that because he can have conversations about deep things in unique and casual ways. He’s talked to me about his family, but it felt like the perfect time to bring up family. He has very good conversational timing.  

S: Great. I’m having fun. I’m enjoying the crafting and enjoying my date. It sounds like such a churchy answer. We’re keeping it casual, were gaging similarities and interests. We both really like smoking weed, she’s from the east coast I have friends over there, so we are able to connect on that a little bit. 

What are your first impression of the dater? 

R: He has a really great head of hair. And a really deep smile. And he was waiting to be told what to do. He seemed just as not sure what to do with his hands as I did. And then I realized quickly that he is really creative. We’re doing a Makers workshop and he’s crushing it. He was able to pick it up really quickly which I was impressed with. 

S: As expected, she’s very outgoing. It took a lot of the pressure of that she’s here, she’s about it, we’re doing this. It really eased my nerves. 

What was the first thing you noticed about your date? 

R: That he looked really casual. It would be easy to chat with him. He looked relaxed even though he seemed like he was in the blind date confusion and nervousness. But he was relaxed and that made me relaxed. His body language is interesting. When he’s talking about something and when he hits the crescendo of what he’s saying he has these interesting expressions.

S: Her smile. It made me want to smile. She seemed happy to be here and it made me feel warm and nice. 

Is this the type of person you’d normally date?

R: I am interested in people who have characteristics that he has, yes. 

S: no. I’ve been on Tinder dates, but you can usually figure out within a couple of seconds whether or not it’s going to be something. I went into this thinking I was going to be friends with whoever I meet and not rush into something romantic, so I could see there being a friendship but maybe not a romantic partnership. 


Where do you normally meet partners?

R: Through work, concerts, events, festivals, places of entertainment, places that spark my inspiration, places that make me feel open and happy. Places that help me connect with people. 

S: I don’t even know where to look. My first initial reaction is to go to online dating. 40% of us go there anyway. We can go to a bar, but I never meet quality people there. In my humble opinion the best place to meet someone is at church. 


What are you most nervous about for tonight? 

R: The conversation while we make crafts that I’m terrible at. If he wasn’t interested in talking or answering questions or getting to know me. It would be awkward while I’m sitting there cutting string. It’s not awkward. He’s warmed up a lot and I think I warmed up too. 

S: I wanted to make a good impression. I feel less nervous now. 


Did you get any advice for the date? 

R: My colleague told me to wear something comfortable, don’t try a new outfit on the blind date. Something that I’d like to get my picture taken in.  I was planning to be very engaged with him for the photos. 

S: Yes, I did. My friend, Justin, told me that I needed to look my date directly in the eye, and be honest about my feelings and be specific about a second date. He said to be assertive and say if you are looking to have a second date. 

How did you prepare for the date?

R: Venus is in Taurus, so I decided to go for the ultra-relaxed and comfortable but also smoldering and vivacious look. I wanted him to be stuck by who he was going to meet because I am a striking person! I wanted him to see the full package of who I am as a human. I wanted him to know there is something magical about me right off the bat. So, that’s how I dressed. I am someone who is going to meet the moment, and if I were going on a blind date I would want to portray the perfect representation of Ru. My favorite color is red, I love roses, I love art, and I’m very casual. 

S: This morning I woke up late, later than usual. Made a quick breakfast and just rode my bike for a couple of hours. Got done with that, ate a lot of food because I was bored. I took off work, so I ate a lot of food and rode my bike. 


How did your date dress tonight?

R: My date dressed like someone who is the best representation of his lifestyle. He rides bikes. He is into welding, and a lot of very physical activity as his passion. That’s how he dressed. 

S: She dressed in a body length dress that is a collage of roses. She has arm length sleeves with her dress, and it compliments her well. 


What are you looking forward to in the next round?

R: Seeing what he makes out of the crafts. That’s where he’s coming alive. He’s really open and expressive in working with his craft because he’s a creator. 

S: Finding out more about her.

Makers night at Meow Wolf Convergence Station in Denver Colorado

Round 2: So far, so good? The duo seems to be enjoying crafting, especially since it’s giving them something to do with their hands. Ru takes the initiative by spearheading the date, which is one of Scott’s green flags. We send them off to continue working on their art projects before checking in again. 


How’s Meow Wolf Makers at Sips (with a Z)

R: It’s going very well. I’m enjoying expressing myself through the colors that I’m choosing for my yarn art. I feel like I’m terrible at craft in general, but it’s funny because it’s a thing that’s conversational. The way that we are pulling the string and tying things and choosing textures. It’s a really fun thing to do on a blind date because it entices conversation and the flow of the moment. 

S: It’s been fun. It’s sensory overload quite frankly, but I’m enjoying the crafts. There are no rules with the crafting and I like that. 


How’s the date going?

R: The date is going well. We talked about music and when I asked him about music that’s when he came alive. We like the same kind of music like Tame Impala. I found out he’s from Texas and he showed me some of the Texas music that he likes. He played Luther Vandross ‘Never Too Much’ and got up and danced around. The energy just hit him and I thought that was really cool. 

S: It’s going well. At least it seems like it’s going well… There’s no pressure and I’m glad I came out. I’m enjoying my time. Churchy answers. 

Do you guys have anything in common? 

R: So many things in common! I talked about how I like to smoke weed and watch Anderson Cooper and he mentioned he likes to smoke weed and listen to talk radio. I mentioned that I like his smile and he said he likes my smile! Also, what do I have to do for a Rooster hoodie wtf?! We like similar kinds of music. I’m a dance floor queen and he loves to dance as well. 

S: Yes. We were just talking about how we both listen to the news. It’s just a commonality. Something like that. 

When It comes to politics I pretend to care. It’s just too much energy to pick a side and care about that shit. It’s just stupid, man. I pretend to care and I do listen to news talk but just mainly to get the news and not to pick a side or anything. 

I like to research animals, not gonna lie. Did you know hummingbirds’ wings are more like insects than birds? That’s how they fly! Don’t even get me started on sperm whales. The most interesting fact about sperm whales are that their clicks are so loud that they can burst your eardrums or vibrate you to death!!!!! They are 233 decibels! Enough to rupture a person’s eardrum or vibrate them to death. You’ve seen their mouths right? They are all long and skinny.  How do the hunt? They click the shit out of some squids to eat them. It’s crazy don’t get me going!! 

What do you like about your date? 

R: I love the way that he is so authentic and genuine and endearing. He is so endearing. He is making me laugh and he takes it easy. I like that he has an ease to his energy. 

S: Animals are way awesomer. Animals are my date. It’s nothing against my date, it just seems so forced and expeditious and rapid and the colors and yarns are distracting. There is so much yarn here. 

What do you not like about your date?

R: I don’t know if we hit the point of finding something we don’t like about each other because what I do like is steering me down the path of finding out more things that I like about him. I don’t really like crafts, but I have enjoyed watching him do crafts. He chooses a color as his favorite color. He was holding some seafoam green yarn and he lifted up his shirt and he’s wearing his favorite color under his shirt! And I’m wearing my favorite color. I thought that was so endearing and sweet and unique. 

S: I’m still in the process of exploring the goods, the positives. If I’m searching for something negative what am I doing here? It’s a blind date. The easiest way to get through a blind date is not having any expectations and having fun, and I’m having fun. 

What’s the most attractive thing your date has done so far?

R: I mentioned that I wanted to incorporate black yarn into my craft and he got up and got the black spool of yarn with ease. I mentioned that I’m kind of bad at craft and he said there’s a freedom to this art thing and I thought that was encouraging and sweet. 

S: She brought me some water. That was pretty cool. I was like, man, I didn’t even see her get the water. I’m a little nervous by that, but I accepted it without even asking about that. 

How would your parents feel about the dater? 

R: They would think that he is the boy next door. And capable. Because he can do things with his hands. He’s strong (I don’t mean to use heteronormative) but he has a masculinity to his passion. 

S: My parents are the type of people who just want to welcome anybody in and they would be happy that I’m going out of my comfort zone and experiencing this. 

What’s been the best part of the date so far?

R: Talking about music. 

S: The walk through at Meow Wolf was really cool. Being able to see the exhibit briefly. I would like to come back and walk through and see it for real. 

What could make the date better? 

R: Maybe if we were on a walk or something. Something outside. He’s kind of an outdoors man and I can be into outdoor activities. So somewhere where were doing different things. Walking through the Meow Wolf exhibit would be fun. 

S: If it were in Boulder. I saw you at the Twisted Pine a couple months ago! 

How’s the chemistry on a scale of 1 to 10? 

R: 6. And that’s okay. 

S: 8. 

Where would you like the night to go from here?

R: I would love to end the night by making a plan to talk about what news we watched when we unwound from our days tomorrow. I’d love to hear about what he watched when he went home and smoked a joint. I have an early day tomorrow, so the only person I want to see later is Anderson Cooper from my bed. 

S: What time is it? I got plenty of time to sit and smoke and think about my date, the day and what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

Round 3: Things are still looking good for our pair! They both are eager to get back to their ganga and decompress from their crafty date. We close out Sips (with a Z) and head out. 

Colorful cocktails crafted at Sips (with a Z) inside Meow Wolf Convergence Station in Denver Colorado

What happened after Rooster left? 

R: After Rooster left we hung out for a few more minutes and chatted about music and herb and then I walked him out and invited him back to Meow Wolf to hang!

S: We briefly exchanged pleasantries and a hug. Her perfume activated my allergies. 


What was the best part of the date and why? 

R: The best part of the date was bonding over Tame Impala and Luther Vandross.

S: Discussing mundane topics.


Would you have changed anything about the date?

R: I think he would have been up for something like a walk or a hike but I think the conversation flowed well during the crafts.

S: Location and activity. 

Rooster Magazine sponsors a blind date at Meow Wolf Convergence Station in Denver Colorado A man and woman enjoy a blind date at Meow Wolf Convergence Station in Denver Colorado sponsored by Rooster Magazine

Was there a goodnight kiss? 

R: No kiss. 

S: No. 

Will there be a second date? 

R: Maybe not a formal date but I would be down to hang out!

S: No, but we talked about meeting to blaze one.

Any advice for future blind daters? 

R: Go with an open mind! Seeing the best of people is my super power so I thought he was rad. Go into it thinking you’ll connect with another rad human and it’ll be all good.

S: Rooster will make a convenient choice rather than a practical one.

Be prepared to be polite as your time is wasted. Don’t be attracted to the interviewer. Humanity doesn’t exist, and dating is dead unless you want an internet presence. Even still, you’re strictly scrutinized and discarded if every preference isn’t met.

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