The charismatic frontman dishes on what to expect with his evolving set …

Ask anyone who was into electronic music before the dawn of the EDM age and they will likely tell you The Bloody Beetroots is one of the most legendary outfits to ever take the stage. After making an undeniably heavy mark on the world of electronic music, the band’s charismatic frontman, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, recently decided to step aside and go it alone for a while with his new SBCR project, a DJ centric interpretation of the grit and madness that the Beetroots are known for. We were able to catch up with Sir Bob before he plows through Denver and tests the structural integrity of Beta Nightclub on September 1.

Judging by what you say in the project’s Manifesto — “It intends to be a highly experimental project of language based on music, fashion, photography, and iconographic quotations” — it sounds like you have some grand plans for SBCR. How do you plan to incorporate all that into a DJ-centric project?

It’s really very easy to implement if you always represent yourself without faking it. SBCR is nothing more than a summary of the things that I usually do in life. Quotations, photography, songwriting, art — experimenting with all those fields.

For people who only know you from the Beetroots, what can we expect from your SBCR DJ sets?

SBCR is a rib of The Bloody Beetroots and was created to express my willingness to experiment free from any restrictions. The plan was to release 15 songs in 15 months and to tour the club and festival circuit with DJ sets. Now it's been almost two years since the first show and it’s been an incredible journey. I’ve played Olympic stadiums to small clubs, but more than anything I have met a new generation of fans that didn’t even know of the existence of The Beetroots. All the SBCR DJ sets have been quite a crazy experience and completely lacked any kind of inhibition. It’s an original and pure form of entertainment with a broad range of music genres.

How is your DJ set similar/different from a Beetroots set?

Well, The Bloody Beetroots has become a live electronic band during the years and it’s really hard to replace the human experience of three musicians on stage with a DJ behind the decks. It’s a completely different experience. SBCR is for the great fun and The Beetroots is for the great music

So are you intentionally trying to keep this project separate from the Beetroots?

They are two separate projects, but related to each other. I draw out of SBCR the best experiences to create a new palate for The Beetroots.

Little change of topic here, but we’re all curious about how you got started wearing a mask on stage?

Choosing to wear a mask comes from the history of Venice and Commedia dell'Arte. It is a powerful way to communicate my persona, but it also protects my privacy at the same time.

Do you ever get tired of wearing it?

Not really. I really love walking around and not being recognized. I think it’s a privilege, keeps you down to earth. Fame creates alienation and it deconstructs humans. I'm not interested in that kind of power.

Have you ever accidentally revealed your face?

[Laughs] Not that I know!