It’s spring again and that can mean only one thing: it’s time to march. Whether your resistance itch inspires you to shoot into the gun control debate, peacefully assemble for legal weed, or simply jump on a festive gay pride float, you need apps for making the most out of a good ol' fashioned protest. 

But these days, merely hauling around a snarky sign isn’t going to cut it. You need to take your movement mobile.


The ACLU’s Mobile Justice app lets you record interactions with those pesky police and gives you specific ‘know your rights’ information customized for your particular state


Since journalists can’t be everywhere — especially since most of them don't even have jobs anymore — if you want to help the ones left with real-time photos of a protest or march, Android users can download Newslinn.


If you’re worried about NSA level spying on what you’re doing, check out Signal on Google Play or the App store. This handy app encrypts SMS messages to prevents them from being intercepted. Hell, it’s not just handy for protests


For those of you that resist in packs, you need Zello Walkie Talkie. With the app available on iOS and Android, you can send group messages to all your homies at once; and if a riot breaks out, you can stay in touch until you all make it to the rendezvous point. WHEW!


FoxNews' job is to inevitably ask attendees if they even know what the protest is about. It’s how the network "proves" everyone is a "bunch of uninformed emotional snowflakes." To not fall in the trap, go prepared with Countable for iOS and Android. The app tells you how local lawmakers voted on legislation, and get this … it even let’s you message those in charge directly!

Pro Tip: Unless you’re messaging Anthony Weiner, don’t send nudes.


For the rowdy resisters, download I'm Getting Arrested. The app sends out custom SMS messages to friends, family and anyone else who might be able to bail you out when the heat is on — and it does it with one click. 

Currently it’s available on Android only, which is probably an arrestable offense in and of itself having not moved on to something better yet.