While you were out this past weekend enjoying cheap beer and reciting CNN headlines word for word to everyone who would listen, Snoop Dogg was changing the world — one cocktail ingredient at a time. 

The hip-hop icon — who began his lucrative career after the crossover hit "Gin and Juice" went whitestream in the mid-1990s — set the World Record for the largest actual gin and juice ever concocted as part of a performance during the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival. 

The world record cocktail was a mixture of 80 bottles of gin, 154 bottles of apricot brandy, and 38 jugs of orange juice, according to Guinness who was on hand to present the award right then and there. It came to a grand total of 132 U.S. gallons.


In my @djkhaled voice another 1

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And with his mind on his money and his money on his mind, Snoop took to social media to show the world what they've been missing: a literal vat of delicious poison.


Gin and juice world record.

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And there you were, trying to convince strangers they're wrong for having thoughts different than your own. #BeMoreLikeSnoop

[cover photo Eric Risberg, AP]