Too lifted to read the news? Every week, we recap the most interesting news in the world of intoxicants, illegal or not. To inform, to liberate. …

1. Trippers aren't wife beaters, a new study reports, as psychedelic users are less likely to commit domestic violence. 

2. Florida lets you burn one down. It had been one of four states that restricted medical patients to edibles and vape pens. A court decided … nah, blaze up. 

3. While Americans get wasted fairly freely and openly, the Mexican theater of the American War on Drugs is as deadly as ever. This week, just an average weed south of the border, cartels tortured and killed police, killed pregnant ladies and dumped their bodies in ravines, extorted businesses and beat to death the journalists who write about it — all while freely moving tons of marijuana and cocaine to America by land and sea. Um … legalize and regulate drugs already? 

4. Ambien is a helluva drug, as Roseanne Barr blamed the sleep aid for her tweet joking that a half-black woman's parents were the Muslim Brotherhood and an ape. The electric Twitter machine exploded, and the company behind Ambien tweeted that "racism is not a known side effect." But "the devil's aspirin" has, in fact, been blamed for sleep-driving, sleep-eating and sleep-murder, and some charges, ranging from assault to , have been dropped or reduced after arguing the Ambien Defense in court. 

5. Tweakers have fast fingers, as a quarter of the people who text about drugs are texting about meth. The data comes from an analysis of Texts from Last Night. The next most popular drugs to SMS about were heroin, cocaine, LSD and marijuana, in that order.

6. Do we need narcan, the opioid antidote, for fish now? Trace levels of oxycodone were found in mussels in the waters off Seattle, because users pee out trace amounts of the drug. 

7. Lucemyra, one of the first drugs designed to take the edge off opioid withdrawal, was just approved by the FDA. It blocks receptors in the brain associated with the vomiting, cramps and agitation that comes when you stop using heroin … or binge-eating Seattle mussels. 

8. Coloradans, like mussels, can't get enough opioids, as five counties have more opioid prescriptions than residents. The nation isn't far behind. Those five counties are suing opioid manufacturers; other places are doing the same, and lawyers recruit plaintiffs. A reckoning might be coming for Big Opium. 

9. In Florida, a woman named Crystal Methvin was arrested for possessing crystal meth

10. In Vegas, Snoop Dogg broke the record for world's largest gin and juice, 132 gallons. And — wouldn't you know — everybody had they cups but they ain't chipped in. 

11. A$AP Rocky recorded his new album while he and all his collaborators were on LSD. "N—s was high," he said

12. Kim Kardashian finds out about the drug war, meeting Donald Trump in the Oval Office to ask the president to pardon a woman serving a life sentence for non-violently trafficking cocaine. Because reality TV stars literally run the world now. 

13. And, finally: "Absolute legend grounds Southwest plane after sparking a J in the bathroom."