When: Jan. 31 – Feb. 5

Where: Denver Convention Center

Website: www.Siasnowshow.com

Here’s your chance to see all of the gear you can’t afford or will use half of your student loan to buy. Besides being broke, you’ll be the flyest freak on the mountain with all of the insider secrets to impress even the most snobby of snow bunnies. (If you believe that, see last month’s edition and stop being a gaper. Matching ski gear = gaper move.) The SnowSports Industry America snow show brings all of the newest shit from all of the coolest people to the Convention Center this January to February. It’s supposed to be a chance for industry leaders and little guys to exchange ideas and concepts for the next coolest thing, but really it’s just a way for us common Coloradans to get in the know. We mean really in the know about what’s going on with our mountains, their snow and the industry’s hottest new, tricked-out gear. Get down there so you won’t look stupid when Shaun White starts babbling about new zipper technology. You’ll already have that zipper and be poised to throw it in that crazy ginger’s face. If you aren’t into gear or gingers, you’re missing out, but Rooster has your back. We’ll be hosting our own SIA shindig with our friends at So Gnar that same weekend. Watch Brother Ali throw down on the mic while perusing the artwork and mingling with the athletes.