Oh, remember when you were that naive?

So when it snows out here in the west, we don't giggle and put on our swimsuits. As hardened mountain men, we grumble and get ready to shovel our sidewalks for the hundredth time this season, cursing Ullr for sentencing us to this icy grave. 

The clowns over on the east coast, on the other hand, remind us of freshmen girls who didn't drink in high school. This little snow flurry is, like, super fun, am I right? After their first snowstorm, they think it'd be hilarious to strip down to their skivvies and dare each other to jump out in a big-ass drift. 

Oh my god, east coast. We remember our first shot too. Chill out. We know it's not right to watch a video of their idiocy and mock them, but we're gonna do it anyway. 

You probably wouldn't be laughing and smiling if this was your life for about six months out of the year, huh? 

But at the end of the day, we really can't get too mad at this guy. His trampoline action is goddamn beautiful. And in ultra slow motion? Yes please.