It’s no secret that we love the guys over at So Gnar. It’s a total bro-heavy kind of love too that more than likely stems from the fact that they enjoy the same things we do – that is – the early morning pow-pow, face shots and ferociously sick-nasty beats. Every month they ask guests artists to compose a mixtape for nothing other than the purpose of giving their followers something to jam to whilst enjoying those aforementioned whammies to the dome.

This month’s is from local resident badass and long-running facet of the music game here in Colorado, Spencer Foreman. You may know him from his ubiquitous DJ appearances all inside of Boulder and Denver, or from his no apologies rap group Cobraconda. The album features music from Kid Hum, STRAIT FLEXIN, DJ KRIMINAL, Black Pegasus, Dillz of MTHDS and his own Cobraconda. He even made a few on his own for your ear-worming pleasure.

Download the album for free HERE, and be sure to stop by The 2up on Colfax in Denver next Thursday – 11/14 – to see it go down live. Until then, we’ll see you all on the face getting boned out under the bra tree, hombre!

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Werewolf (Cobraconda ft. Black Pegasus, Ben Samples)
3. Booty Clap (STRAIT FLEXIN)
4. The Stab Daddy Dance (ft. Space Brother)
5. Unda Da Sea (Spencer Foreman TROP RMX)
6. Kaifeng (Kid Hum)
7. Oktober Song (Spencer Foreman Original Mix)
8. Crème Freshes (Graham Nation, Largechild, Dillz)
9. Jailbreak Boyz (Cobraconda)
10. Walk On Bye (Isaac Hayes Slapper Spencer Foreman RMX)
11. Who Let The Dawgs Out (Spencer Foreman psycho TROP attack)
12. Terrence McKennia (Kid Hum)