Most of our greatest accomplishments in life have gone well into yearly timeframes to complete. Puberty, college, probation, this blog – these are things that have taken us months, hell, years to finish and we couldn’t ever imagine them taking any less. But for Denver based DJ and producer Broken, finishing a project in mere hours seems to be enough. Just this week in a hare's pace he managed to recklessly compose and record a full EP for another one of SoGnar’s “Monthly Mixtape” series.

“The Ghost And The Machine” was done from start to finish in a little under 48 hours. We’ve had hangovers last longer than that. But when artists are as talented and driven as Broken – it’s safe to say the thing was probably near complete in his headpiece already. All he needed was the reason to hit record and to be given the proper avenue to share with us procrastinating simpletons. 

Avenue granted. Download it HERE and be sure to check out SoGnar’s Monthly Mixtape / Rooster Magazine Release Party tonight (Dec. 18) at the 1UP Colfax in Denver.

What: SoGnar's Monthly Mixtape / Rooster Magazine Release Party 
When: Dec. 18 | 8:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. | 21+
Where: The 1UP Colfax | 717 Colfax Ave, Denver (Formerly the 2UP)
Why: Because you deserve it. And it's Free!