It just doesn't make sense … 

Everybody loves Miley. We've considered getting inked up with a few tattoos dedicated to her, but only on our ass so just the special people in our lives can enjoy them. 

But some people love Miley way, way more than they should, and that's where problems can start. Meet Carl McCoid, a normal father of three that just wants to find love. But since he's covered with 29 Miley tattoos, people just assume he's a deranged psychopath who wants to cut off Miley's face and wear it as a mask. 

And he almost certainly doesn't want to do that at all. No sure if we trust the hand placement in the above photo, but someone thought it was a good idea. 

As a good sign that you might be doing something wrong, Miley herself even called  Carl's tattoos "ugly" and "creepy" in an interview last year, but Carl claims this didn't sway his decision. It just kinda happened one day, looking in the mirror. 

"I thought 'oh my God, this has gone too far'. When I look back, it was just an obsession that got out of control.

"It had a physiological effect where I just didn't feel right, I felt trapped and I just wanted to take the tattoos off. It was awful."

Who needs "THUG LIFE" when you can encorporate your thumbs and get Miley's name in there? 

And she's become a bit of a crazy bitch herself, which is one more reason why he's paying for lasers to sear all his tattoos off: "She's doing silly things and I don't want to be associated with the things that she does.

"She used to be the girl next door but she's losing a lot of fans."

And before you dig too deep into that last sentence looking for logic, here's one more picture that will haunt your dreams.

Anyone looking for a boyfriend?