Oh, Canada. You're like our well-meaning but hopeless aunt who just doesn't get it … 

Remember that time you convinced your mom that "WTF" actually stood for "wasn't that funny?" and she used it after nearly every text for the next two weeks? Well, Canada is a lot like your naive (but generally loving) mother, and it's really hard to get mad at them. 

So for an ad campaign up in the Yukon, the media team tried to come up with ways to advocate getting a lot of vitamin D, because not getting enough can ruin your body and make you go crazy. 

Their fun, interesting way to get people out in the sun more? They just needed to talk about a critical vitamin the way that kids might … let's call it "The D" and launch the campaign! Everyone will love it. 

Even their main tagline "How do you do the D?" is head-shakingly bad. Oh, Canada. 

You can almost see it on the baby's face: "Hey guys? You don't think people are gonna make fun of us, do you? Did anyone run this by a third party? Or even a basic Internet search?"

And this poor bastard … you can just imagine him happily agreeing to a fun photoshoot for a useful ad campaign. "Hey Bob! Go ahead and bring your dog, and practice shrugging. You're gonna be the new face of people who need the D!"

Of course, as soon as the Internet found out, the campaign was dropped … and now Canada will probably google their ideas next time.