Who let this one slide out of the studio?

It's gotta be nice sometimes to be Ryan Lewis, the second prominent member of Macklemore's stage team — because nobody knows who the fuck he is.

Today, Lewis is likely counting his blessings on both hands, as the duo's new track "Spoons" is savagely being tor apart by anyone with a few working ears. The song was released yesterday as a kind of "thank you" to fans on Valentine's Day — but the thing is anything but romantic … or good, for that matter. 

As it opens, Macklemore does his talk-rap thing to these fanciful lyrics:

Can you undo my bra strap?
I try to play it cool, in my head I'm like, 'Aw yeah!'
Then she's like 'I'm tired' and I'm like 'Aw, man'
I was 'bout to crush the coochie like a tall can (Yeah)

Not everything is going to be another "Thrift Shop" for the duo, but damn, where were their homies when someone needed to tell them to not even think about it? Maybe the upside to all of this is that it can't get any worse — then again, we've been wrong once before, so who knows …