The problem with the world today is that we take everything too literal: politics, business, social interactions, dating, fucking coffee. We make things to complex in life thus tossing our beautiful on-demand world into disarray. It’s time someone puts things in perspective for the time-crunched, self-deprecating citizens of the world. It’s time someone poke fun at their life choices and listening playlists. It’s time for the new Spotify marketing campaign. 

In the new campaign by the world’s largest digital music streaming service, Spotify analyzed droves of user data to diagnose when people listen to music, for how long and on which days in particular. The campaign then takes the data and pointedly calls out people’s oddest music tastes. We can already see the protestors accumulating outside of the company’s headquarters.

Whether you think “1984” is manifesting in the form of billboards and cruel reality checks, think again. It’s not like you’re going to switch to Tidal or Apple Music because you feel violated.

Spotify doesn’t care about your capricious ethical dilemmas.

“There has been some debate about whether big data is muting creativity in marketing, but we have turned that on its head,” Spotify’s chief marketing officer Seth Farbman told Creativity.

Thank you Spotify for giving people the cold, hard truth about life. Now, back to listening to Toto “Africa” on repeat.